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Floyd Mayweather Jr. headed to trial in lawsuit filed by (and against) ex-fiance

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Taco Bell Skills Challenge Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Retired boxing icon Floyd Mayweather Jr. may be undefeated inside the boxing ring, but he’s already been stopped by the legal system, evidenced by jail time served for domestic violence back in 2012.

Now he’s headed back in front of a judge later this year.

The pugilist known as “Money” is being sued by his ex-fiance, who claims Mayweather whooped her ass and threatened to shoot her, before posting a photo on Facebook that showed a pair of since-aborted fetuses with the caption “she killed our twin babies.”

See that awfulness right here.

Mayweather has his own suit, claiming his former lover of eight years stole “large sums of cash,” according to NY Daily News, and Judge Monica Bachner set jury selection for April during Tuesday’s proceedings in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

It’s been a tough couple of months for the Mayweather family, as Floyd Sr. has his own legal issues to face after a parking-lot altercation — also involving a woman — took place back in September (see his mugshot here).

Maybe that’s why he’s in such a hurry to distract us with these headlines.