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Midnight Mania! Reebok money has new strings attached; prospective fighter union speaks out

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Launch Of The Reebok UFC Fight Kit Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Reebok

Welcome to Midnight Mania!

The highly criticized Reebok deal just got worse for UFC fighters.

As if having their right to negotiate independent sponsorship deals on banners and fightwear stripped away unilaterally was not enough, a move that cost many fighters tens of thousands of dollars per fight, now, getting the remaining pay is dependent on following both media obligation and a fighter code of conduct- all without any input from the fighters themselves. This change has, in fact, been in place since the beginning of 2018. Via

The altered policy is now called “promotional guidelines” and is an amalgamation of all three things: conduct, media obligations and outfitting, per a document obtained by MMA Fighting. Fighter compensation for this is no longer called Reebok pay or outfitting pay — it’s called a “fight week incentive payment.” The changes went into effect Jan. 1.

The UFC alleges that these obligations are what fighters are required to do during fight week anyway, and thus don’t represent any change. In fact, the altered payment tiers do bring a little extra money to the bottom two classes of fighters, those with five fights or fewer in the Octagon. It’s a far cry from the earning potential they used to possess, but it’s something.

“The UFC Promotional Guidelines is a policy that groups together policies and procedures already adopted and followed by UFC athletes during fight week, therefore these guidelines are not introducing any new elements aside from a new associated incentive payment,” the official said. … “This compensation model is new and compensation was allocated based on available funds and strategically placed to support the largest number of athletes.”

However, some of the fighters are not happy with the new requirements being tied to their Reebok pay. A group of them, headed by Leslie Smith, are attempting to gain reclassification as employees, and see this as added incentive for this push, and evidence that they are not being treated as independent contractors.

“I strongly believe that we are employees,” said Smith, a UFC women’s bantamweight fighter. “Strongly believe. In fact, the promotional guidelines that just came out show an astounding amount of control. That’s definitely something that when we get to that point, we will be entering as evidence of one of the reasons that we are employees.”

According to the UFC, the fighters, despite not being able to wear their own sponsors during fight week, are not getting paid to wear Reebok. That’s simply not the way the company sees it.

“Athletes were never compensated for wearing Reebok,” the official said. “Athletes received Athlete Outfitting Policy payments for complying with UFC’s Athlete Outfitting Policy. Athlete Outfitting remains an important pillar of the fight week experience.”

However, the potential for this money being withheld from fighters does seem to run counter to Dana White’s promise when the Reebok deal was signed that all the money would go to the fighters.

“[Fighters] are getting all the money from the Reebok deal,” White told TSN in 2015. “All the money goes to them. What better of a deal could you cut for the guys? It’s an investment in the future of the sport.”

When asked last week if that was still the case, if all the money from the Reebok deal was going to fighters, the UFC official gave a non-answer.

“UFC’s partnership with Reebok, the global brand’s official outfitter, will continue to focus on the creation and development of world-class MMA product and the global outfitting of all UFC athletes and their cornermen and women,” the official said.

It is no wonder Project Spearhead is using the latest Promotional Guidelines as fodder for their union campaign.


I cannot wait to see the rematch between Robert Whittaker and Yoel Romero.

Important fight at featherweight! My money is on Joe Benavidez.

Dana White and Brock Lesnar were talking over the weekend and I have to say, this picture threw me for a moment.

I’ve tapped to worse.

I love a good takedown:

Rampage Jackson isn’t taking Joe Schilling seriously

Darrion Caldwell defends his bantamweight title in Bellator this weekend- here is what he is capable of.

Speaking of Bellator, it has worked out pretty well for Gegard Mousasi so far.

“It’s all about balance” for George St. Pierre. Balance and puns.

What I think I look like at the gym:

What I actually look like:

Paige VanZant decided to get real on social media. Being injured does suck.

Andre Fili is critical of Dominick Cruz’s commentary on his teammate Jeremy Stephens’ controversial finish.

Derrick Lewis found this and yes, this guy is stone cold.

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Sage likes Quinoa because of course he does.


Weird video time.

Head butts.

I would watch Ronda Rousey in any real contest over scripted acting, any day of the week.

Nick Diaz has the support of his people.

#209 @nick_diaz_academy #diaz #bathroomart #someart

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Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

Paddy Pimblett got a monster flying triangle/armbar over the weekend.

This throw-to-knee transition is so pleasing to watch

This leglock battle was intense!

Raymond Daniels is a talented fighter

@rd_goat - #FACEkickFRIDAY continues! HELLO PITTSBURGH - just arrived!!!!

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Don’t try this at home... or in an MMA fight where soccer kicks are legal.

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