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Mike Pyle to retire following Zak Ottow fight at UFC 222 - ‘Juice is no longer worth the squeeze’

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After 20 years in the fight game, long-time Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) veteran Mike Pyle will officially retire from the sport following his upcoming fight against Zak Ottow at UFC 222, which is set to go down this Saturday (March 3, 2018) in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The man with the mullet stopped by “The MMA Hour“ to reveal the big news.

“I am looking forward to my fight, and that will be my very last fight ever. I am going to retire. It’s been a long road and I want to hang the gloves up and move on. I am excited to make that move and retire. I will be 43 this year, and it’s time. Its not difficult at all, to be honest with you, it’s more of a relief. It’s just time to move on. There is always pressure on you when you are a fighter, when you are going to compete. You are always training, getting banged around. It’s a rough sport, it’s a rough way to live. It’s a rough way to make a paycheck. For me, at this point the juice is no longer worth the squeeze. The paychecks just aren’t big enough to stay in harms way at my age. So, that's it. I am easily going to walk away. It’s really not that hard to be honest.”

Pyle admits his back-to-back knockout losses to Alberto Mina and Alex Garcia were wake up calls, revealing that if he was making $100,000 per fight, then maybe he would hang around a bit longer to compete. But, since the paydays aren’t up to snuff, the risk simply isn’t worth the reward.

In his loss to Garcia at UFC 207, Pyle banked $55,000. That said, “Quicksand” admits he didn’t build himself up well enough through the ranks or accomplish enough over time to demand the top dollar and take the money that is available in MMA for those who deserve it.

During his near nine-year stint with the promotion, Pyle racked up a 10-8 record (27-13-1 overall in MMA), holding notable wins over Rick Story, Ricardo Almeida and Jon Fitch. As for what he will be doing post-MMA, Pyle is currently working as a stunt double for lead actor Peter Serafinowicz on “The Tick,” which streams on Amazon.