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‘Platinum’ Mike Perry responds to Colby Covington’s douchey comments about his girlfriend

How this all ended without death threats being tossed around is beyond us.

UFC 202 - Weigh-in Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

On Saturday night, our man ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry was back in action, dropping a clear cut decision loss to Max Griffin.

According to Griffin, Perry is “a good fighter, but he’s so predictable. He fights with his motion. He’s so obvious with what he’s doing, and he did exactly what we thought he was going to do.”

By the end of round one, it was clear Perry’s gameplan wasn’t working. But when the broadcast cut to the “Platinum” corner to see what his coaches had to offer him, we got to see Mike’s girlfriend screaming about breaking Griffin’s leg.

Honestly, increasing the amount of leg kicks you’re throwing isn’t the worst advice you can give to a fighter that’s getting run all over the Octagon. But the internet did what the internet does and made fun of her, with perennial Twitter troll Colby Covington going way too far as usual.

”Hey Perry, maybe having your ratchet horse faced girlfriend as your head trainer isn’t the smartest idea on planet earth,” Covington wrote. “But hey, when you’re the product of cousins f**king in Ocala FL how strong can your decision making skills be?”

Perry turned up on social media to congratulate Griffin later that night, but didn’t bother to respond to Covington.

When he did, he surprisingly didn’t even threaten to murder the guy. Instead, he kept it Twitter based.

A pretty understated response, perfect for not fueling the fire of a Twitter troll. We’d still advise the UFC to watch out if Covington and Perry end up at the same event. We have a feeling Mike would have something other than a boomerang to give Colby.

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