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Even UFC fighters can’t decide whether the Stephens vs. Emmett finish was legal

Forget the ref figuring it out in the heat of the moment, fighters still can’t decide what they saw after watching all the replays.


Jeremy Stephens capped off a violent night of action at UFC on FOX 28 from Orlando, Florida, but his main event win wasn’t without controversy. Stephens threw a couple of elbows that hit his opponent Josh Emmett square in the back of the head during their final exchange, and also threw a knee that seemed to miss a clearly grounded Emmett by a hair. That left a lot of people with a bad taste in their mouth regarding the finish.

But not everybody.

UFC fighters, like their fans, seemed divided over whether or not Stephens had gotten a ‘clean kill’ or not.

Here’s some of the better comments from UFC fighters:

So as you can see, not even the fighters themselves seem to know what constitutes a legal finish in this case. Which just goes to underscore what a difficult job the ref has in the heat of the moment.

What do you think, Maniacs?

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