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Midnight Mania! Olympic gold medalist Kyle Snyder offers to train McGregor for Nurmagomedov

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

If Conor McGregor ever does get as serious as he says he is about returning to the Octagon- or, more accurately, if the UFC ever gives him what he’s asking for in negotiations- then he has a wrestling coach qualified to teach him how to stop Khabib Nurmagomedov’s takedowns. (Assuming, of course, that Khabib ends up with the belt after UFC 223 in Brooklyn, instead of Tony Ferguson).

Kyle Snyder is not only the youngest Olympic gold medalist in American wrestling history, but also won the World Championship, the NCAA, and the Olympics in a single year, an incredible feat. Snyder may have an ulterior motive in offering to train McGregor- he has expressed a desire to compete in MMA at some point, and exposure to the game from the world’s most Notorious mixed martial artist could only be a boon to those plans. Snyder competes at 97 kilograms, or 213 pounds, which would make him a heavyweight or light heavyweight. Maybe by the time Jon Jones returns from suspension, he will face an Olympic gold medalist. Or, perhaps Brock Lesnar will return to face a wrestler qualified to stop him. Just... please... don’t be the next Dillon Danis on social media.


Speaking of Khabib, here he shares what Daniel Cormier’s pre-fight hype routine looks like

Let’s go @dc_mma DC what is it? This happen before his last fight in Boston #ufc220

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Why does Conor think this looks cool?

This made me laugh. A+ MMA meme work

Jacare vs. Gastelum? I’ll take it. Gastelum is the real threat to Robert Whittaker at middleweight.

No, Tito Ortiz. Stay retired. We already saw the Chuck Liddell fight twice.

Edson Barboza vs. Kevin Lee does sound fun, just like pretty much any top lightweight fight.

John Dodson sparring Michelle Waterson

I thought the fighters did have medical insurance?

Why boxing pay is so different from MMA pay, and the single biggest reason McGregor hasn’t returned to the Octagon yet:

Stipe Miocic is just a natural

Andre Fili’s new ink is bleeding

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Slips, Rips, and KO Clips

This spinning wheel kick is gorgeous

Speaking of spinning shit, Raymond Daniels scored what remains one of the most spectacular knockouts I’ve ever seen.

I did not expect this outcome

Melvin Manhoef was a monster back in the day

Great body punches

Bulldog chokes are awesome

So are inverted triangles

Slick boxing

That’s some tenacious grappling

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Funny joke...

Now I want to try this someday

Iron meditation or Extended time isometrics. Seated overhead press. 230lbs pressed hard against the top bars for 30 seconds. Very big pump and muscle fatigue. Most people do isometrics with nearly no or no weight for a long time or very heavy weight for very short holds but I honestly have found it to be most productive with a moderately heavyweight held for a much longer time until failure and building up the time over a few sessions to a full minute hold. You should do all three as well as isometrics in completely non-traditional nonlinear movements. It's not as exciting as lighting something on fire but it's killer training. Pressing hard into that second bar is what really makes it. Call that a functional or isontonic isometric. I've actually done two full courses on isometrics because they're that powerful and that little is known about them in the training world. Also one of the primary effects and physical training is to learn about your own mind and if you want to learn about how you react to things try holding an isometric for extended period of time. It has a unique way of unifying mind and body and if you hold it long enough even spirit because you can concentrate on a whole different level. If you've ever done Chi Gong they can be like a strength meditation. Join #NoahsArmy today! Become a #blooddonor and #organdonor !! #isometric #presses #bigshoulders #strongman #oldtimestrongman #pump #beyondphysical #chigong

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