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Brock Lesnar’s manager talks potential UFC return - ‘He’s healthy and always ready’

UFC 200: Tate v Nunes Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

Every time Brock Lesnar leaves mixed martial arts (MMA) to go back to professional wrestling, there’s an emptiness felt at the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) box office. And every time Brock’s WWE contract runs its course, rumors start flying regarding “The Beast Incarnate’s” potential return to the Octagon.

With Lesnar’s WWE contract reportedly set to expire after Wrestlemania 34 on April 8, 2018, his manager Paul Heyman is starting to light some fires here and there, as he recently stated his client is the healthiest he’s ever been, and if he feels the itch to go knock some heads in MMA he will do just that.

“I think Brock Lesnar does whatever Brock Lesnar wants to do. If Brock Lesnar wants to fight in UFC, Brock Lesnar will fight in UFC. If Brock Lesnar wants to fight in WWE, he will fight in WWE,” proclaimed Heyman when cornered by TMZ. “Ask Braun Strowman, ask Randy Orton, ‘The Undertaker.’ Brock Lesnar does what Brock Lesnar wants to do.”

Lesnar hasn’t competed in over a year and a half inside the Octagon, and only competes under the WWE banner on rare occasions. According to Heyman, his well-paced schedule and time off only makes him more dangerous to his foes.

“The time away actually makes him better becasue it gives his body time to heal. The problem with these UFC fighters, and they are all fantastic athletes, top of the line in the entire world, is that they wear their body’s down in training camps. All these guys that are cutting weight are just destroying their body. Brock Lesnar is probably the healthiest fighter to enter UFC if he decides to do that. He’s always ready.”

Brock’s last comeback didn’t go too well after he defeated Mark Hunt at UFC 200 since he was popped for steroids which led to a suspension. Furthermore, Dana White went on record saying WWE would unlikely let him take part in another “one off.” But if his contract does indeed expire, well than it’s a moot point.

Out with old, in with the new?

And who knows, now that this other former champion is nearing a return, we could be in store for perhaps the biggest MMA pay-per-view fight in history. And as long as Dana leaves the door open, there’s always a possibility to see Lesnar inside the cage one more time.

Much to the chagrin of this guy, of course.

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