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Midnight Mania! Dana White takes credit for Conor McGregor’s rise in deposition

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

The ongoing UFC anti-trust lawsuit continues to reveal interesting tidbits, including that Dana White very much takes credit for Conor McGregor’s rise. He stated the following in a deposition.

“Four years ago, Conor McGregor was available to everybody. Bellator, ONE FC, UFC, everybody out there. Do you know who went out- he was- he was 7 and 2, Okay? Guy’s record was 7 and 2. There’s a zillion of them, right? I went out and got Conor McGregor. I saw him, I liked his personality, and I turned him into a star, one of the biggest stars on earth right...”

This is factually incorrect as well as misleading; McGregor was already a two-weight champion in Cage Warriors with considerable hype, and his record was 12-2 when the UFC signed him.

Other details include how the UFC used anti-competitive practices to prevent free agency of fighters. Jon Fitch can certainly attest to this (as he does below).

Zuffa also retaliated against fighters if they turned down a fight offer from Joe Silva.

Fight Pass subscribers have reportedly gone from 140,000 subscribers to nearly 400,000.


TJ Dillashaw landing a couple late punches on K1 Kickboxing champion Takeru

Dominick Cruz’ dog is adorable

Al Iaquinta (officially) joined Project Spearhead to serve as it’s interim secretary/treasurer

Claudia Gadelha is training with... Joe Benavidez?

Surround yourself with greatness. Cerque-se de grandeza. #teamcg #ufc225

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Donald Cerrone and his inimitable grandma.

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This was one of the coolest moments of the fight night last weekend

I see you, Angela Hill. Black History month, amiright?

I also see you, Mackenzie Dern.

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Bob Knuckles has a message for all the haters

Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier

l You juss little

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Nate Diaz’s incredible cardio doesn’t just happen.

S-works mtb

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I would hate this.

Eddie Alvarez taking his daughter to Disney is still adorable.

Cody is right. This is very funny.

Don’t mess with Elvis

I believe this is 545 pounds... Jon Jones used to pull 575 off the blocks like this (I went back on his Instagram to check), but with sumo deadlifts. Presumably traditional is more difficult for someone of his height and long arms.

Old wise man once said don’t count the days make the days count.

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Chad Mendes has words for the anti-hunting folks on his timeline. He’s right in that, if you eat meat, you can’t have a moral issue with people hunting for their own meat.

With my continued growth of new followers, especially those who follow me because of mma, I feel it's necessary to educate u on why I hunt. I know this is a never ending cycle but As a hunter, I feel we have to educate those who don't understand or have no idea why we do it. The disconnect between human and food is so strong nowadays that some people have completely forgotten where it comes from. I've been called a murder or killer on social media hundreds/thousands of times. What blows my mind is that most of those people have pics of steak dinners or roasted chicken or fish all over their pages. Others claim to be vegan and say it's not necessary but they have 4 cats and 2 dogs. The food they are buying at the store and feeding them comes from dead animals. Animals that were raised in a cage or pen then slaughtered. No matter if u eat meat or live a Vegan lifestyle, death must happen. The leather in your cars or on ur shoes, the skin products, the wheat harvest where thousands of reptiles and rodents were killed by the machinery, it all requires something to die. I'm not here to judge what lifestyle u choose. I completely respect both lifestyle choices. I just ask that I get the same respect back for my choice of being a meat eater. I've said this before and ill say it again, I don't enjoy killing. I don't crave death. Watching an animal die is just as difficult for me to watch now as it was when I was a young boy. Being in the wilderness, away from the fast paced life I live, and knowing that I can go out into the wild on my own and fill my freezer with lean, organic, hormone free meat is why I hunt. This is one of my freezers at home. It's amazing being able to live off of so much wild game variety. Elk, deer, wild pig, ducks and geese, wild turkey and fish! I'd say 85% of @ab_raines and my diet consists of wild game we have both harvested. This is why we hunt. Just a heads up guys, rude or ignorant comments will get ya blocked. I'd rather have 5 followers that understand or willing to try to understand then a million idiots. Thx for letting me speak my mind. #hunting #fishing #providing #howilivemylife #dontbeahater #educateurself #itsnotwhatuthink

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