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Bellator veteran Marlon Sandro charged with attempted murder

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Bellator MMA

Here we go again.

Seems like just yesterday international mixed martial arts (MMA) superstar Marlon Sandro was abandoning the Japanese circuit for a combat sports career in Bellator MMA, one that came to an end back in 2014.

After returning to overseas action, the 40-year-old Brazilian appears to have been looking for additional fights in Rio de Janeiro, allegedly beating the shit out of fiancee Tayssa Wuensche, which led to his arrest and a charge of attempted murder.

MMA Fighting reports:

According to the police report, an intoxicated Sandro allegedly broke into Wuensche’s home Feb. 9 and threatened her with a knife, choking her with a pillow whenever she started crying. Sandro allegedly threatened to end her life, claiming she had ruined his career, the report reads. Per the police report, Wuensche was later saved by her mother and brother after she managed to text her.

“The Gladiator” could be hit with up to 20 years in the clink if convicted.

Sandro (28-7-2) was last seen taking a unanimous decision win over Diego Arturo Huerto Jauregui at Shooto: “Brazil 74” last August, his one and only appearance during his 2017 fight campaign.

“I know I’ve failed, I know I made a mistake, but I think that every human being has the right to redeem himself and try to fix things in life,” Sandro said in a previous statement (via MMA Fighting). “I know I’m a good citizen. I know I failed, I know I made a mistake, but I know that I have a lot more to fix and get better.”

Expect more details on this case in the coming weeks, if not days.