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Max Holloway would like you to be real — and shut up about Floyd Mayweather

UFC 218: Holloway v Aldo Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

I know this is going to sound hard to believe, but there is actually someone in the mixed martial arts (MMA) community who is sick of talking about Floyd Mayweather Jr. and whether or not “Money” will make the transition to cage fighting.

Outrageous, I know, but just hear me out.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight champion Max Holloway is standing up and going against the grain, asking fans, fighters, and particularly the media to stop giving a boxer precious headlines that could otherwise be used to promote MMA fighters.

“Stop giving this shit attention and let’s actually talk about people who’s in the sport doing it,” the Hawaiian wrote on Twitter. “If the guy wanted to fight it would [have] been done. Let’s be real.”

“Blessed” has no problem keeping it real.

Mayweather has been teasing a “billion-dollar comeback” in MMA after schooling UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor last August. That bout was contested in a boxing ring and “Notorious” has been asking the undefeated pugilist to reciprocate inside the Octagon.

The chances of that happening are remote, but Mayweather has been doing an admirable job of trolling (sample) which in turns keeps his name in the headlines, much to the chagrin of Holloway and just about everyone else on the internet.

In other stupid news, this UFC fighter wants to be a Ken doll.

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