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Kevin Lee will no longer bully Nate Diaz, wants to whoop Edson Barboza’s ass harder than Khabib did


Kevin Lee has thrown in the towel after trying to pick a fight against Nate Diaz because his countless pleas fell on deaf ears.

Is normal.

To hear “The Motwon Phenom” tell it, he felt like a bully trying to start a fight against a man who simply doesn’t want it — or only has eyes for someone else — and that is simply not his style.

“I don’t know how folks jumped on the Nate bandwagon so hard, folks just think he is such a fighter, but the man doesn’t want to fight, that’s the bottom line,” Lee said during a recent interview on Cage Side Submissions (via Fan Sided). “If a man doesn’t want to fight, I’m not a bully. I’m not going to keep berating him and going at him.”

Diaz hasn’t competed since August of 2016, though it hasn’t been for a lack of offers. As for Lee, he recently called out Eddie Alvarez for a UFC throw down, but nothing has been made out of the request either.

That’s why “The Motown Phenom” is shifting his attention to another top Lightweight, as Lee says he wants the opportunity to face Edson Barboza. And should he score that bout, he intends to make Khabib Nurmagomedov’s beatdown over the Brazilian at UFC 219 (see it) look like a Sunday picnic.

“Right now I’m looking at Barboza. I think Barboza is a great fight, a really good matchup for me. He fought a lot of the guys who are at the top and I’m gonna whoop his ass harder than Khabib did,” Lee explained. “I’m also looking at somebody like Eddie Alvarez who is up there without a fight, he’s sitting on the sidelines, he’s trying to avoid me as much as he can. There’s a couple of fights that I’m looking at, that I’m interested in. They are not all necessarily above me, obviously, that’s where you want to look but really those rankings don’t mean shit, and they don’t mean shit to me.”

You have to give it to Lee not being shy about wanting to scrap, though he now has to play the waiting game to see if Barboza indeed wants to meet him in the cage after striking out twice against Diaz and Alvarez. If all else fails, he has a dance partner in James Vick if he wants it.

Or this guy.

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