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Frank Mir, Bellator heavyweight, is now a Russian fight promoter

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UFC's Jon Jones Open Workout Photo by Steve Snowden/Getty Images

I wonder if he still has the hat?

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight kingpin, Frank Mir, continues to branch out in mixed martial arts (MMA), adding “fight promoter” to his long list of cage-fighting accomplishments.

Mir, 38, will promote stateside combat sports events for Russian promotion Absolute Championship Berkut (ACB), home to such household names like Abdul-Aziz Abdulvakhabov and Mukhamed Berkhamov, just to name (but not pronounce) a few.

“I actually approached them,” Mir said. “I know they are keen to break into the American market and I’m down for doing less travel, so I asked if they were interested in coming to America, then I could be a contact in the US that could promote the events for them which they were very open to.”

An announcement on ACB’s international plans is expected in the next few weeks.

Until then, fight fans can watch Mir (18-11) meddle in Russian affairs in a very different way, as the formerly suspended heavyweight enters the Bellator Grand Prix this April against Stary Oskol native and former PRIDE FC champion Fedor Emelianenko.

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