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Bec Rawlings has a message for ‘piece of s—t’ doubters after ex-husband found guilty of domestic violence

When Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) flyweight Bec Rawlings made her debut on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 20, she brought with her a troubling tale of domestic abuse at the hands of estranged husband Dan Hyatt.

“He would kick me, pin me down and elbow me, grind his elbow down my face and choke me unconscious,” Rawlings, 29, told MMA Fighting.

But not everyone was on board, particularly Hyatt, who told MMA Sucka that her story was “grossly fabricated to serve an agenda and to damage the reputation of another” with “the majority of its allegations [being] completely unfounded.”

The Launceston Magistrates Court disagreed.

Hyatt, 29, was found guilty of domestic violence on Monday, then pleaded guilty to charges stemming from incidents with two other women, according to The Examiner, and will remain in custody until his sentencing on March 15.

Magistrate Sharon Cure ordered a psychiatric report following Hyatt’s claim of mental illness.

As for Rawlings, who fights Ashlee Evans-Smith at UFC 223 in April, she left a little message on social media for all the Doubting Thomases who accused her of manufacturing the story to make for better television.

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