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Pic: Some lunatic just got a Joe Rogan tattoo ... and it’s amazing

Most of the tattoos we post, particularly the ones featuring your favorite mixed martial arts (MMA) stars ... are kinda bad (like this one). Bad as in “Tattoo Nightmares” bad.

See for yourself.

Anyway, there is the occasional ink master who gets it right, like this Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor piece that perfectly captures the emotion of their UFC 202 rematch back in August 2016.

Then we have the tattoo of Joe Rogan embedded above.

I don’t know the backstory behind this piece, or why the former Fear Factor host has three eyes, but I will say it actually looks like Rogan, with a face not unlike an expression we’ve previously seen on television.

Rogan’s response? Duuuuude.

I’m not a tattoo guy myself (fear of commitment) but I do appreciate good work. I also appreciate that funny video of UFC President Dana White trying to guess which fighter goes with which tattoo.

See it here.

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