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Derek Brunson calls out Michael Bisping, gets crickets and tumbleweeds for his efforts

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We all know how Michael Bisping feels about call outs.

So it should not come as a surprise to learn the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight champion was turning a deaf ear to the recent proposal from fellow contender Derek Brunson, who asked for a piece of “The Count” on social media.

“I gotta go to the FOX studio to find Bisping I see,” Brunson wrote on Twitter. “You’re ranked 6, I’m ranked 7. Let’s exchange.”

Both fighters are coming off knockout losses.

Bisping (30-9) — who moonlights as a UFC on FOX analyst — is looking for a retirement fight but will only compete if the contract meets his financial needs, something Rashad Evans discovered while flirting with a potential rematch in London.

Brunson (18-6), meanwhile, is coming off a do-over of his own, falling to Ronaldo Souza last month on FOX.

While the pairing makes sense in terms of divisional integrity, it’s probably not the sexy swan song Bisping wants for his last hurrah.

Anyone disagree?