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UFC Austin: Watch Nate Diaz pull out a blunt on live TV

Because of course he did.


FOX Sports 1 censors were probably already feeling nervous when newcomer Jimmy Smith entered the cage to interview Derrick Lewis following his massive KO win over Marcin Tybura. Lewis is a notoriously profane presence on Twitter and his victory speeches often involve the overt sexualization of Ronda Rousey.

That left his wife feeling a bit pissed off and left out, so this time Derrick chose to point his passions at her, declaring “To my baby, April, better get ready girl. I’m going deep.”

As if that wasn’t classy enough, right at that moment the cameras cut to show Nate Diaz sitting in the crowd. So what did Nate do? He popped a blunt in his mouth and flicked his bic as if to light it, all with a 10 year old girl in the background watching with her eyes wide.

With that one moment, Nate managed to steal the show ... which is pretty impressive considering what a great show UFC Fight Night Austin ended up being.

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