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UFC Fight Night 126 results: Donald Cerrone knocks out Yancy Medeiros with two seconds left in the first

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UFC 202: Story v Cerrone Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone faced off with Hawaii’s Yancy Medeiros in a memorable scrap tonight (Sun., Feb. 18, 2018) at UFC Fight Night 126 from inside Frank Erwin Events Center in Austin, Texas, broadcast live on Fox Sports 1. The two action welterweights were on opposite career trajectories coming into the matchup, Cerrone having lost three in a row for the first time in his career, while Medeiros, in his first main event, had won three straight. Cerrone would reverse that trend tonight in an old-fashioned slobberknocker with a lot of mutual respect between the two men.

Medeiros came out happy, singing along to his walkout song. Cowboy, sporting a scruffy beard, was more serious. He did smile as the crowd rallied to his name being announced. The two fighters hugged at the glove touch.

Friendly feelings aside, they came out swinging, Yancy diving in with overhands and shucking off a Cerrone takedown. Medeiros landed a spinning back kick to the body. He landed a combination and absorbed one from Cowboy. Yancy slowed the pace for a second, looking for an opening. Cerrone landed a snapping body kick as he stepped in. Medeiros landed an overhand, Cerrone countered. The one-two was landing for Yancy, but Cerrone stood his ground and Medeiros slipped to the mat. Cowboy refused to pounce, evidently regarding it as a breach of sportsmanship to do so, and they even hugged when he let Yancy back up. Cerrone put Medeiros on his knees with a quick shot. He landed a stepping combination on Yancy. “Cowboy, Cowboy”, chanted the crowd. Cerrone landed a knee to the body. Medeiros spun into a bodylock. Both fighters traded in the pocket. Yancy put Cerrone on the fence and landed knees to the gut. Cerrone landed a right straight on the break. Medeiros refused to back up despite getting his head snapped back in exchanges. After the ten-second clapper sounded, Cowboy rocked Medeiros! He swarmed, putting the Hawaiian on his back! A flurry of punches finishes the fight right before the bell! Amazing last-second KO by the Cowboy, who is officially back!

Medeiros paid his respects to Cowboy’s grandma after the fight, hugging her outside the cage in a special moment immediately after getting TKOed. Cowboy was all smiles post-fight, saying he’s more upset his grandma gets more cheers out here than he does. The camera panned to his grandmother and sure enough, the crowd erupted in cheers. He said Yancy was the man to do it, and noted that he thinks he just tied the most wins in UFC history. When asked what’s next, he simply responded, “They call me, and I say, where are we goin?”

Official result: Donald Cerrone def. Yancy Medeiros via TKO at 4:58 of Round One

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