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UFC Fight Night 126 results: Derrick Lewis ends Marcin Tybura with 3rd-round KO

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UFC 184: Lewis v Potts Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Derrick “the Black Beast” Lewis (#7) faced off against 9th-ranked Marcin Tybura tonight (Sun., Feb. 18, 2018) at UFC Fight Night 126 from inside Frank Erwin Events Center in Austin, Texas, broadcast live on Fox Sports 1. Houston’s Derrick Lewis, the home crowd favorite, would have a considerable advantage in power, not to mention social media savvy, but Tybura brought considerable craft to match him. Both were looking to bounce back from losses to top competition, Lewis having lost to Mark Hunt, while Tybura had been outstruck by Fabricio Werdum.

Lewis landed a huge takedown right off the bat, throwing an overhand straight into a kneetap. Tybura spun underneath for the leglock, looking for the sweep, but Lewis just sat on him to shut it down, spun out and got the wrestler’s ride, looking to take the back. Tybura got up and Lewis stumbled, ending on his back, and Tybura got full mount! Lewis did that thing he does where he just stands up, and instantly dropped Tybura! He leapt on top, looking for the finish, but Tybura hung on, somehow surviving, then reversed Lewis and got top position! What a wild, wild fight so far. Tybura hammered on Lewis’ body from half guard, looking to establish consistent top control but not landing too much damage. Lewis looked to recoup his energy, but let Tybura into mount. He gave up his back to Tybura, then went back to mount. Tybura looked for the kimura but the round ended before he could make anything of it.

Tybura opened the second round with jamming oblique kicks to Lewis’ knees. The Black Beast blocked a high kick, then landed a big right hand round Tybura’s guard. He flurried with big punches, but got too aggressive, and Tybura hit the takedown, going straight to side control and thumping on Lewis’ body with punches and knees. Lewis looked to get back up and Tybura took his back. Lewis tripoded up on his hands and feet, but ran out of energy before he could dump Tybura off him, and fell to the mat again. He got back to the tripod position, but just stayed there in a total stalemate for a good twenty seconds. He rolled, but Tybura stayed on top, ending in full mount. He began doing damage, landing elbows and punches on Lewis’ face. He postured up as the round wore down, ending the round landing nice slicing elbows.

Lewis was backing up to start the third round, with Tybura pot-shotting, including looking for a side kick to the face. Lewis landed a big hook. Tybura shot in, getting to the clinch. Lewis ate knees to the legs, returned one to the body as Tybura pinned him to the cage. Tybura looked for a single-leg, but couldn’t get it and Lewis separated, got a momentary takedown of his own and landed a huge pair of hooks that wobbled, then a third that dropped Tybura! Marcin looked for a low single, but Lewis began landing hammerfists, then full-power shots, and the referee had no choice but to step in! What an amazing third-round knockout win for Derrick Lewis!

His post-fight interview was classic Lewis. “What they know about them Texas boys?” demanded Lewis. “That’s the way I do it, baby...Them boys in Texas, they hit!” Then he shouted out his family, and finally told his wife “I’m goin’ deep.”

Official result: Derrick Lewis def. Marcin Tybura via KO at 2:48 of round 3

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