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UFC Fight Night 126 results: James Vick kicks his way to decision over Francisco Trinaldo

UFC 217: Vick v Duffy Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Top fifteen lightweights James Vick (#12) and Francisco Trinaldo (#14) faced off tonight (Sun., Feb. 18, 2018) at UFC Fight Night 126 from inside Frank Erwin Events Center in Austin, Texas, broadcast live on Fox Sports 1. At stake was the move back up the ladder to face elite competition; Trinaldo had won eight of his last nine, the only loss to former title contender Kevin Lee, while James Vick had bounced back from his lone loss to Beneil Dariush with three wins straight, all of them finishes. He wouldn’t get the finish, but he would extend that win streak to four against Trinaldo.

They traded body kicks to start the fight,and Vick landed a high kick. He stepped in with a combination, catching Trinaldo with the final punch. Trinaldo moved into the clinch, but nothing was happening and they separated. Vick moved in and Trinaldo countered with an overhand left. Vick switched stances, but ate an overhand left. He dropped Trinaldo with a straight right, but as he dove in to capitalize, Trinaldo dove in and took him down! He got back up for a second, but Trinaldo threw him down again and worked from the top. When Vick got up again, Trinaldo grabbed a tight guillotine! Vick gave the thumbs up and escaped, got back up, firing off a knee. Trinaldo circled in space, looking for overhands. He ate a combination from Vick against the cage. Vick threw out a couple kicks, including a skipping side kick. He ran forward into a combination, Trinaldo avoiding all of his punches and a whiffing high kick. Trinaldo landed an overhand. What a round that was.

Trinaldo countered a knee with a hard overhand that Vick ate. Trinaldo was putting his entire body into those overhands. He switched it up, landing a straight to the body before clinching and throwing Vick to the mat. Vick worked his way back up quickly and took Trinaldo down in turn, but neither fighter could keep the other down long. Vick stepped in with that sidekick again. He landed a headkick, Trinaldo’s counter falling short. Trinaldo stepped in, landing a hook. Trinaldo ate a couple more of those side kicks from range, then pressured Vick to the cage. He landed a right hook on Vick. Vick landed a body kick, a side kick to the body and a side kick to the face. Vick looked for a jumping knee to keep Trinaldo wary. The Brazilian was finding himself increasingly stuck at the end of Vick’s kicks as the round wore down.

Trinaldo was pressuring to start the third round, but ate a body kick from Vick. Vick looked for a flying knee, that jamming side kick, and a high kick. Vick caught Trinaldo’s body kick, but Trinaldo displayed excellent flexibility as he raised it, so he let it go. Trinaldo was pressuring but not finding openings. Finally he landed that right hook behind the left overhand. Vick landed two side kicks to the body. Trinaldo hit that same right hook. He blocked a body kick from Vick. Vick landed a couple more of those side kicks, then ate a body kick from Trinaldo. The Brazilian ran in, but Vick deflected him. Front kick to the body from Vick. The crowd was actively booing as the final minute kicked in. Trinaldo got more aggressive with his pressure, but couldn’t land much, finally connecting with a cartwheel kick as the fight ended, but it was too little too late for him.

After the decision was announced, James Vick said he dislocated his pinky early in the fight by way of apology for not getting the finish. Vick also said he’s tired of calling out “these clowns” in the top ten at lightweight, and got a big cheer from the home crowd.

Official result: James Vick def. Francisco Trinaldo via unanimous decision (29-28x3)

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