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UFC Fight Night 126 results: Curtis Millender ends Thiago Alves’ night in the second

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curtis millender
curtis millender

“Courteous” Curtis Millender made his Octagon debut against veteran Thiago Alves tonight (Sun., Feb. 18, 2018) at UFC Fight Night 126 from inside Frank Erwin Events Center in Austin, Texas, broadcast live on Fox Sports 1. It was an auspicious start for the newcomer, as he left no work for the judges.

They touched gloves. Millender had a significant height advantage, and immediately took the center of the cage, stalking Alves. Millender threw out a leg kick, which Alves checked. Woos began within the first minute, the Texas crowd spoiled by the action of the previous bout. Alves attempted a leg kick that Millender stepped away from. Millender attempted a flying knee that came close to connecting. He kept up his careful pressure, landing a low calf kick. He attempted a wheel kick that went off Alves’ arms. Millender landed a jab that Alves countered with a leg kick. Alves caught a counter left hook and looked wobbled, and Millender rushed him, but didn’t connect with anything solid. He stepped away to avoid another leg kick attempt from Alves. Alves threw a leg kick and Millender dropped him with a rear straight! Alves backed up, went down again! Millender thought he had the walk-off finish for a second, but jumped on Alves and began landing ground and pound. Alves worked his way up to his feet, eating a barrage of punches, and somehow survived! He bit down on his mouthpiece and threw back, staying upright despite eating leather from Millender. Before the round ended, he ate a jab but shot in, putting Millender on his back with an authoritative double. What an ending to the round!

Alves came out aggressive, throwing leg and body kicks, Millender looking to counter him with sharp straights and hooks. Millender landed a jab, then stepped away from Alves’ combination. The Brazilian was having trouble finding the range with his hands. Millender targeted the body with his rear straight several times. Alves landed a leg kick and Millender countered with a high kick. Alves landed a hook, ate a straight punch. Alves was moving forward relentlessly now, but Millender kept looking for counters, and out of nowhere, dropped him with a huge counter knee to the head! There was no follow-up- there was no need. What a knee. What a finish, what a welterweight debut for Curtis Millender!

Millender lived up to his nickname in the post-fight interview, “Courteous”, but also said he’s got a welterweight hitlist with everybody on it- come get it.

Official result: Curtis Millender def. Thiago Alves via KO (knee) at 4:17 of round 2

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