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Stevie Ray apologizes to UFC for daring to fight out his contract

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Just another reminder that the UFC will pull out a big stick when it comes to even the smallest parts of contract negotiation.

Esther Lin

Given the UFC’s continued UK push, you’d think Scotland’s Stevie Ray would be exactly the kind of guy they’d want to keep signed up. But after making the ‘mistake’ of fighting out his UFC contract and losing to Paul Felder, he found himself in limbo with matchmaker Sean Shelby blowing him off for months.

It all came to a head with Ray declaring he might retire if he didn’t manage to make it onto the UFC London card in on March 17th. Things weren’t looking good as the event filled up with non-Ray names, but in the end a late replacement spot opened up and now Ray will fight fellow troublemaker Kajan Johnson at the event.

Ray just released a statement on the situation for his fans:

I can now announce I have resigned a 4 fight deal with the UFC and I am fighting in 4 weeks at UFC London. I will face Kajan Johnson.

I took a gamble with my career under some bad advice not realising I was risking not being resigned with the ufc I only ever thought i was risking the price in contract.

I want to thank Sean Shelby and the UFC for giving me another chance as it was my fault for fighting out my contract.

I also want to also thank my new manager for even making this possible Ali Abdel Aziz he was willing to help me without even being signed with him which shows he’s a legend!

Thanks to all my friends, family, coach’s, team mates, my sponsors and all my fans that have continued to show ur amazing support throughout.

The journey continues

Posted by Steven Ray on Sunday, February 18, 2018

It’s an interesting statement, and one that you imagine will come across as a warning to any other UFC athletes considering fighting out their contracts and negotiating from there rather than just taking what the UFC offers you before your final bout. That may work further up the totem pole, but if you display that level of disloyalty down the ranks you may find yourself being made an example of.

A union can’t come together fast enough.