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Derrick Lewis will try to get some ass next week after Ronda Rousey comments earned spousal booty ban

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MMA: UFC Fight Night-Auckland Lewis vs Hunt Simon Watts-USA TODAY Sports

The closest Derrick Lewis got to booty these last few months was that Filipino taxi cab.

That’s because “Black Beast” got no ass from his wife, who put the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight slugger on an indefinite booty ban when these comments about Ronda Rousey were splattered across social media.

“She’s mad. She ain’t gave me ass ever since I mentioned her again in the last interview,” Lewis told TMZ. “I have to get this win so I can buy her something real nice, and hopefully I can get some ass next week.”

Lewis will have to kick some ass to get some ass, and I don’t expect Marcin Tybura to make it easy for him. They’ll go to war this Sunday night (Feb. 18, 2018) as part of the UFC Austin mixed martial arts (MMA) event on FOX Sports 1.

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