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Report: Ex-UFC owner Frank Fertitta looking to purchase Carolina Panthers NFL team

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What would you do if you had $1 billion laying around? For Frank Fertitta, the answer is to try and purchase a professional football team. Indeed, one of the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) owners appears to be spearheading a group that is keen on purchasing the Carolina Panthers National Football league (NFL) team.

That’s according to NFL insider, Jason La Canfora.

Move over, Diddy and Steph.

Jerry Richardson, the current owner of the team, announced his plans to sell the squad last December at the conclusion of the 2017 regular season after several allegations for workplace misconduct — including sexual harassment and racism — were revealed. Furthermore, this ESPN report states the Panthers organization settled with four former employees regarding Richardson’s inappropriate behavior.

In May 2016, UFC president Dana White proclaimed the Fertitta brothers would eventually buy an NFL team. That goal became closer to reality three months later after Frank and his brother Lorenzo, sold UFC to WME-IMG for a staggering $4 billion.

When it was all said and done, each of them made out with roughly $1 billion each, while White banked a measly $360 million for his stake in the company.

While Fertitta has plenty to keep him occupied with many other business ventures in the Las Vega, Nevada, area, he surely has a bit more time on his hands now that UFC is out of the picture. So what better way to occupy that time than to try and conquer another sport?

Of course, if Frank’s bid to buy the team proves good enough, trying to get the organization to move to “Sin City” will be tough — if indeed that is the plan -- as the Oakland Raiders have already beaten him to the punch.