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Joe Rogan: Floyd Mayweather has ‘a real chance’ in the UFC against CM Punk

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Rogan may find the idea of Floyd Mayweather fighting Conor McGregor in the UFC silly, but he’s intrigued by a fight with CM Punk.

Hublot Reveals Limited Edition Watch with Floyd Mayweather Photo by Denise Truscello/Getty Images for Hublot

Floyd Mayweather continues to be the most tantalizing MMA free agent of the year. It may have taken him a while to come around to the reality that Conor McGregor would absolutely smash him in the UFC, but that hasn’t stopped the boxing legend from continuing to poke around the sport considering other big money superfights. Like former WWE star CM Punk, for instance.

”We might actually whoop his ass first,” Floyd’s uncle Jeff said recently.

That news got Joe Rogan’s gears going.

”Floyd’s got a real chance,” he said on a recent episode of his podcast. “CM Punk, way bigger, let’s be honest about that. CM Punk is a guy who is wrestling at probably 190 pounds, cut weight to get to 170 to fight in the UFC.”

“Floyd Mayweather is the f**king greatest boxer, maybe of all time. At least on paper he is. Look at his accomplishments through multiple weight classes, undefeated, 50-0. I don’t care if the last fight was Conor McGregor. He’s still 50-0. That’s f**king insane. He’s on another level of everybody who’s on another level.”

Hey, if CM Punk vs. Floyd Mayweather falls through, there’s always Paulie Malignaggi to fall back on!