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Midnight Mania! Joe Lauzon busts Devin Powell’s balls-literally

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Devin Powell will be out of action for a while.

The UFC lightweight was training knees with Joe Lauzon and evidently, Lauzon literally busted his balls. Or, more properly, his ball, rupturing a testicle with “his sheer power”.

Devin was surprisingly upbeat about the whole thing. He evidently waited a day and a half to go to the doctor... which he doesn’t recommend. He explained the incident on Instagram:

Thanks to the fine ambulatory services in Wells, ME, I am checked into the hospital and ready for surgery. Shout out to @joelauzon we’ve been practicing knees on the ground and he successfully ruptured my testicle with his sheer power. His opponent has no chance in April ... now to get the blood clot drained and the goods repaired . I waited a day and a half to be seen.. word for the wise, if you hurt yourself, go get checked out. @danawhite @seanshelbyhow about a NY @Ufc fight coming up... this will be quite the comeback story . Share this and help me get the ball rolling on my next Fight and follow my journey... pun intended



Nate Diaz is training with wrestlers... can anyone say “The Chosen One”?

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Luke Rockhold vs. Alexander Gustafsson?? Despite Rockhold’s KO loss to Romero... count me in. Gus’s callout was awesome too.

Dan Hardy and Tyron Woodley had a social media exchange

I can’t say anything about this, except, sweep the leg!

Two words: Tombstone Piledriver

Project Spearhead is the latest attempt to get the UFC fighters to organize, and I, naturally, am all for it. Help the fighters- spread the word!


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