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UFC 221 results: Curtis Blaydes blankets, brutalizes Mark Hunt to win decision

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UFC 221 Weigh-ins Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Combat sports legend, Mark Hunt, was back in action tonight (Sat., Feb. 10, 2018) in the pay-per-view (PPV) co-main event of UFC 221, which took place inside Perth Arena in Perth, Australia, taking on hungry Heavyweight up-and-comer, Curtis Blaydes, in front of a proud hometown crowd. Hunt was looking to string together back-to-back UFC wins and, in the process, halt Blaydes’ three-fight win streak.

Unfortunately for the 43-year-old veteran, the wrestling and control of Blaydes was just too much to overcome, ultimately resulting in a lopsided unanimous decision loss.

Blaydes came out pumping a furious jab, looking to perhaps leverage his length to keep Hunt — and his devastating punches — at bay. Little more than one minute into the first round, Hunt exploded with a combination, but nothing clean landed. Midway through the round Blaydes — a decorated junior college wrestler — was able to secure a takedown along the fence, but Hunt was able to get back up to his feet almost immediately. On the break Hunt drilled him with a hard shot that had Blaydes wobbled. Hunt, smelling blood in the water, lined him up for a few more hard shots and it seemed like Blaydes was on his way out. However, Hunt whiffed with a looping left hook and Blaydes used his momentum to secure a takedown, saving him from almost-certain doom. From that point forward, Blaydes didn’t do much — he laid on Hunt and recovered until the first round came to a close.

Blaydes immediately went for a takedown to start the second stanza. Hunt sprawled and the pair locked up along the fence until Hunt was able to circle out into the center of the cage. Shortly thereafter Hunt just missed with a killer uppercut, then appeared to sit back and catch his breath as Blaydes pumped jabs into midair. Hunt creeped in and looked to put together a combination, but Blaydes ducked under and was able to pancake him to the ground with a takedown. Blaydes dug his elbow into the mid-section of Hunt from top position and later dropped forearms to the Kiwi’s head, opening up a cut along his hairline. Blaydes ratcheted up the power as the round came to a close, but didn’t seem to land anything too devastating with the dominant position.

Once again, Blaydes started the third and final frame with an angry takedown. Hunt tried to get back to his feet and Blaydes threw him to the canvas once again. Blaydes was able to secure full mount quickly, raining down elbows and angling for an Americana in the process. He quickly gave up the submission in favor of repeated forearms to Hunt’s face. Hunt squirmed and eventually was able to get on all fours, but Blaydes was drilling him with left hands to the face. He almost got back to his feet, but Blaydes once again dragged him to the canvas for the seventh time. With one minute remaining in the bout, Hunt got back to his feet, but moments later he was looking at the lights courtesy of Blaydes’ ninth takedown of the match. Blaydes secured full mount just as the fight came to a close, surviving an early storm and coasting to a very intelligent unanimous decision win.

This was clearly a huge win for Blaydes, taking out the No. 5-ranked Heavyweight in the world. He extended his win streak and, in the process, likely earned himself a chance to challenge a top-ranked opponent in the near future. For Hunt his UFC future is not as certain — he’s at odds with UFC execs and is in the twilight of his career.

The two are clearly headed in very, very different UFC directions.

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