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Clay Guida went full Reebok, called out ‘Edwin’ Barboza (and his needle) for April wimp-off

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Either Clay Guida has been using the Reebok roster to plan his callouts, which would explain the mistaken identity, or “The Carpenter” is establishing new levels to his troll game.

Either way, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) lightweight veteran, 36, wants to throw hands with Edson Barboza at an upcoming mixed martial arts (MMA) event in April. And by “throw hands” I mean “duck under, shoot, and hope he doesn’t get KTFO.”

Otherwise known as “Clay and Pray.”

“Hey Edwin Barboza,” Guida wrote on Instagram. “You’ll be praying for Mercy when I get my hands on you!!! Are you ready to get slapped in April wimp?!?! Put down the needle, pick up the pen, and sign the contract on your head!!!”

The post was followed by matchmaker hashtags.

It took nearly six years for Guida (34-17) to put together back-to-back wins, but it finally happened by way of consecutive victories over Erik Koch and Joe Lauzon to close out his 2017 fight campaign.

Barboza (19-5), meanwhile, saw his three-fight winning streak come to an end under the onslaught of top contender Khabib Nurmagomedov last December. The 32 year-old Brazilian is holding steady at No. 4 in the division.

Guida remains unranked.