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Colby Covington promises to retire Tyron Woodley and Rafael dos Anjos as part of #NerdBash2018

UFC Fight Night: Maia v Covington Photo by Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

As it stands, Rafael dos Anjos is the clear front runner to face Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley next, according to Dana White.

But, Colby Covington is still lurking and still trying to leapfrog “RDA” to finally get his hands against his former training partner-turned rival. According to “Chaos,” dos Anjos and Woodley are the only two names on his current list to fights to make, and he promises to retire both when he finally gets his hands on them.

“The list is really only two,” Covington told ESPN’s Five Rounds podcast (via ESPN). “That’s what I’ve earned in my career. There are only two fights to make for #NerdBash2018, these nerds I’m going to bash and retire, and that’s RDA and T-Woodley. Those storylines are already written,” he said.

So long “Embarrassment Tour?”

Still, Woodley is Colby’s top choice, a fight he’s been trying to get unsuccessfully for quite some time now. According to the outspoken brawler, the sooner “The Chosen One” realizes he needs him, the better.

“Woodley is not a draw. He needs help selling a fight,” Covington said. “I’m his money fight. I’m the guy. If he fights me, there are going to be a massive amount of fans who want to see him knock me out. He can be a hero that way, and that’s what he wants to be. He’s trying to be a hero, but really he’s just a fake and a fraud.”

Be the hero UFC needs, “T-Wood.”

“I completely broke him,” Covington said. “I will take his soul in that Octagon and he will never fight again, mark my words. I guarantee it. You heard it here first. I completely dominated and owned him and he knows that. That’s why he’s avoided me,” concluded Covington.

It will likely be a while before “Chaos” gets his hand on either dos Anjos or Woodley, as Tyrone is currently on the mend following shoulder surgery, while “RDA” is content with waiting for the champ to return to get his long-desired shot at becoming a two-division champion.

And that’s just fine for Colby, as he says he has no issues waiting for either fight to come because he doesn’t need to fight at the moment since he isn’t broke like most “dumb fighters.”

His words, not mine.

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