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Dana’s not done trashing Tyron: ‘It’s always something with Woodley’

UFC 228 Woodley v Till Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

UFC 231 goes down this Saturday from Toronto, and for a big UFC event things are going surprisingly well. There’s been no last second main event meltdown (yet), no fighters nearly died trying to make weight (that we know about). But UFC president Dana White didn’t seem too happy during a media scrum following ceremonial weigh-ins.

That’s probably because people keep on bringing up domestic abuser Greg Hardy, who White continues to pamper in the hopes of turning him into a controversial but lucrative star. In addition to literally yelling at the press for asking him about Hardy, White also saved some of his ire for his welterweight champion, Tyron Woodley.

”When is Woodley ready to fight anybody, ever? When? Tell me when!”

”Three months ago,” a reporter answered.

”And it took us forever to get him to fight that fight!” White replied. “Guy never wants to fight. Wants to be the world champion but doesn’t want to fight anybody. That’s a problem. That’s a problem.”

As for White’s statement earlier in fight week implying an interim title fight could be afoot?

”I’m just saying fights will continue to happen whether you fight or don’t fight,” he said. “We’re going to roll on. Woodley’s thumb is ... something’s wrong with his thumb. I believe it. But you have to understand, I know guys like Conor McGregor and I know all the guys behind the scenes. You remember when Conor said ‘Who needs a thumb? You don’t even need a thumb to fight.’ And Conor fought with so many injuries, it’s ridiculous. Even times that Conor doesn’t say it publicly. So when you’re used to dealing with guys like that, you’ve got a guy with a thumb?”

”And it’s not one thing,” White finished. “It’s always something with Woodley.”

Something tells us White and Woodley won’t be exchanging Christmas cards this year.

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