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Conor McGregor files motion to dismiss Michael Chiesa’s lawsuit, argues that ‘Maverick’ should man-up and get over it

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Ultimate Fighting Championship lightweight-turned-welterweight, Michael Chiesa, was injured when flying glass cut-up his face during Conor McGregor’s Brooklyn bus attack earlier this year, after “Notorious” and his roving goon squad tried to give Khabib Nurmagomedov some of that Irish street justice.

Blame Artem Lobov.

But Chiesa — who recently filed suit over the incident — should be used to getting hurt because he’s a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter who takes face punches for a living. Besides, it’s not like McGregor was acting so outrageously that “Maverick” should be able to seek damages.

That’s according to McGregor’s motion to dismiss, brought to you by TMZ:

McGregor has filed a response to Chiesa’s suit admitting his conduct was “unquestionably inappropriate,” but should not be considered “outrageous.”

So, why does that distinction matter? Because proving “outrageousness” is essential for collecting damages when it comes to intentional infliction of emotional distress.

In his court docs, McGregor also claims Chiesa has failed to prove that he suffered any real emotional distress from the incident -- noting that he’s a “seasoned combat sports fighter” ... and therefore should be used to physical trauma.

In layman’s terms, stop being a wuss and get over it.

McGregor was arrested for his attack, which also injured flyweight contender Ray Borg and sent strawweight champion Rose Namajunas into a state of depression. “Notorious” was able to reach a deal with prosecutors to avoid jail time.

But he may not be able to avoid civil penalties.

This isn’t the only court case McGregor has been dealing with in 2018. Just last month, the bottle-throwing Irishman settled his case with a security guard who was injured after getting hit with a flying energy drink at the UFC 202 press conference.

At least it wasn't a bottle of Proper No. 12, those things look heavy AF.