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UFC 232: Cris Cyborg releases statement after 51 second loss to Amanda Nunes

Cris Cyborg has spent over a decade at the very top of the sport, the baddest woman on the planet. But it took just 51 seconds for Amanda Nunes to knock her down and out at UFC 232, snatching that designation and Cyborg’s 145 pound title (watch the finish here). As if Rousey killer and Cyborg killer weren’t good enough, she’s now the first ever women’s champ champ.

But for someone who has only lost a few times in her combat sports career, Cris Cyborg sure did handle herself with grace after her defeat. She was all class in the cage, and carried that composure over to social media where she released this message:

”Today was not our day, but I want you to know that I am very grateful for your affection!” Cyborg wrote. “Life is like that one day we lose and one day we win! Belt for me has always been symbolic, the most important is to be a champion in the lives of people making a difference in this world!”

Now that’s taking it on the chin like a champ.

Sadly, this may be the last time we see Cyborg compete in the UFC. Her contract with the promotion runs out in early 2019, a fact that didn’t stop the promotion from leaving her without a fight for seven months in 2018 leading up to her scrap with Amanda Nunes. They don’t seem all that interested in an immediate rematch, either.

“I don’t think you do,” Dana White said when asked at the post-fight press conference. “It was a pretty convincing win.”

With the UFC women’s 145 pound division a barren wasteland populated by Cyborg, Megan Anderson, and the occasional puffed up 135 pounder, we have to wonder whether it will go alongside Cyborg should she leave the organization. Fortunately for Cris, she seems to be pretty zen about everything right now ... even not getting to say goodbye.

“They just kicked me out of the cage,” Cyborg said during her turn at the presser. “I think it very bad, very disrespectful, because I did a lot for this sport. And I was supposed to say hello to my fans, talk to them, everything is all right. It’s OK. I just feel like I was supposed to say something. Two Brazilians fighting. Two champions. That’s it.”

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