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RIZIN 14 results: LIVE streaming fight coverage

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RIZIN returns yet again for Japanese MMA’s traditional New Year’s Eve spectacular on FITE.TV. Unfortunately, the main attraction — a boxing exhibition between Floyd Mayweather and kickboxing superstar Tenshin Nasukawa — will not air in North America or Japan. We will still endeavor to give you all live updates, though.

MMAmania will have LIVE coverage of RIZIN 14, starting with the FITE.TV broadcast (watch it) at 1 a.m. ET later this evening (technically Dec. 31, 2018).

Even without Mayweather vs. Tenshin, though, the card remains fairly stacked. Fans willing to get up/stay up in time will get to see Kyoji Horiguchi — the best fighter outside of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) — take on Bellator Bantamweight king Darrion Caldwell in a cool cross-promotional gimmick. Other attractions include a clash between top Atomweight fighters Kanna Asakura and Ayaka Hamasaki, the return of blue-chip Light Heavyweight Jiri Prochazka, the latest freakshow from Gabi Garcia, and what should be an absolute banger between UFC vets Daron Cruickshank and Damien Brown.


Floyd Mayweather vs. Tenshin Nasukawa — Draw (Exhibition) but also Mayweather def. Nasukawa by TKO (corner stoppage) in Round One
Kyoji Horiguchi vs Darrion Caldwell — Horiguchi def. Caldwell by submission (guillotine choke) in Round Three
Kanna Asakura vs Ayaka Hamasaki — Hamasaki def. Asakura by submission (armbar) in Round Two
Jiri Prochazka vs Brandon Halsey — Prochazka def. Halsey by submission (punches) in Round One
Gabi Garcia vs Barbara Nepomuceno — Garcia def. Nepomuceno by submission (americana) at 2:39 of Round One
Daron Cruickshank vs Damien Brown — Brown def. Cruickshank by submission (guillotine choke) at 4:19 of Round One
Mika Nagano vs Miyuu Yamamoto — Yamamoto def. Nagano by unanimous decision
Kazuyuki Miyata vs Erson Yamamoto — Miyata def. Yamamoto by submission (hammerlock) at 3:23 Round Two
Yusuke Yachi vs Johnny Case — Case def. Yachi by TKO (eye injury) at 4:47 Round Two
Yuki Motoya vs Justin Scoggins — Motoya def. Scoggins by submission (teepee choke) at 3:28 of Round One
Ulka Sasaki vs Manel Kape — Sasaki def. Kape by unanimous decision
Shinju Auclair vs Justyna Haba — Haba def. Auclair by technical submission (rear naked choke) at 3:41 of Round Two
Tyson Nobumitsu vs Tofiq Musayev — Musayev def. Tyson by TKO (punches) at 1:19 of Round Two
RENA vs Samantha Jean Francois


Floyd Mayweather vs. Tenshin Nasukawa

Round one: Mayweather lazily flicking out his left hand. Lots of taunting. Nasukawa just trying to jab so far, lands a heavy counter left. Mayweather looks for the body a minute in. Left hook drops Nasukawa, who struggles to his feet in the corner. Check hook and body shot by Nasukawa, who’s battered by hooks. Combo from Nasukawa, good body shot. Mayweather lands a right downstairs, then comes up with a right hook that floors Nasukawa once again. One minute to go.

A tight right hand has Nasukawa flopping on the mat and Nasukawa’s corner throws in the towel.

Final result: Draw (Exhibition) but also Mayweather def. Nasukawa by TKO (corner stoppage)

Kyoji Horiguchi vs Darrion Caldwell

Round one: Caldwell tries a jumping switch kick, then shoots behind a 1-2. They reset when Horiguchi goes through the ropes, and Caldwell gets him to a knee, landing hard right hands. Horiguchi gets to his feet a minute in and looks for a single-leg. Caldwell counters with a spinning kimura, loses it on the ropes but lands on top in half guard when they resume. Caldwell with a nice knee as Horiguchi escapes. Horiguchi tries a low kick. Two minutes to go.

Caldwell tries a head kick, eats a leg kick. Horiguchi steps in with an arcing left hand. Low kick from Caldwell with a minute to go. Teep knocks Caldwell over. Low kick from Horiguchi, who avoids a low takedown and rolls through the ropes. Caldwell with the early lead.

Round two: Caldwell lands a right hand and a takedown into half guard. Good knees as Horiguchi stands. Foot sweep gets Horiguchi back down. Looking for the back. Short right hands land for Caldwell. Horiguchi gets to his feet, dragged back down. Two minutes to go.

Short punches from Horiguchi. Ref wants more action. One minute to go. Caldwell doing nothing with the position, just holding on. Horiguchi gets up at the bell. Caldwell still ahead.

Round three: Body kick from Horiguchi to start. Caldwell tries a head kick, eats a left hook. He shoots from too far out. Head kick attempt. Body shot form Horiguchi. Check hook lands, but Caldwell takes him down against the ropes. Horiguchi patiently sets up a guillotine and draws the tap.

Final result: Horiguchi def. Caldwell by submission (guillotine choke)

Kanna Asakura vs Ayaka Hamasaki

Round one: Low kicks from Hamasaki to start. Punching combination lands for her. Hamasaki takes an eye poke and takes plenty of time to recover. Low kick lands for her and she rushes, looking for a trip. She winds up on top, but Asakura scrambles up. Low kick from Hamasaki. She’s chasing Asakura, landing heavy shots. Right hook. Body kick connects. They trade jabs in the center. Asakura body kick. Hamasaki comes back with a right hook. 1-3 lands for her. Asakura looks for a single-leg, lands a 1-2. Check hook from Hamasaki, then a lead right. Asakura gets in on a takedown, avoids the counter throw and kimura attempt. They trade lefts on the feet. Body kick from Asakura. Hamasaki lands the 3 of a 1-2-3. Hamasaki in the lead.

Round two: Hamasaki catches a kick, lands a knee on the way up. I’d put the timestamp but the idiots forgot to put the clock graphic back on. Hamasaki coutners a leg kick with a right hook. Leg kick from Hamasaki. Head kick connects. Check hook lands. Hamasaki whiffs on a counter hook and backfist. Next hook connects. 3-2 from Hamasaki. Leg kick, jab. Asakura shoots and takes her to the corner. Hamasaki trips her down into side control. She hits a lovely transition to the armbar. Asakura tries to roll out, but is forced to tap.

Final result: Hamasaki def. Asakura by submission (armbar)

Jiri Prochazka vs Brandon Halsey

Round one: Halsey shoots, moves directly to the back. One hook in. One minute in. They spin to half guard. Short elbows from Halsey, who takes side control. Prochazka gets to his knees, only for Halsey to latch onto a guillotine in half guard. Prochazka trying to grit it out. Full mount now. Halsey tries to convert to a one-handed version, but loses it. He takes the back, but Prochazka scrambles out and cracks him on the way up. Flying knee attempt. Halsey gets tangled up in the ropes, prompting a pause. Lead right from Prochazka. Halsey shoots through a flying knee. Prochazka defends with an underhook, lands a knee. Halsey falls through the ropes again, apparently of his own volition, and appears to hurt his back. He takes his time getting back in the ring and gets a yellow card for the delay. Halsey shoots, cracked with a knee, falls through the ropes again. Not all the way out this time. He looks desperate. Takes an eye poke. Five minutes in.

Halsey lands an overhand right and shoots in the corner. Prochazka with an anaconda, can’t get it and surrenders the takedown. Halsey moves to the back, nearly gets the choke, loses top position. Prochazka dropping heavy punches. Halsey covers up and taps to strikes

Final result: Prochazka def. Halsey by submission (punches)

Gabi Garcia vs Barbara Nepomuceno

Round one: 3-2 lands for Garcia. Nepomuceno whiffs on an overhand right. Garcia spamming punches as she advances. Right hands connect and she gets over-unders briefly. Nepomuceno with double unders now a minute in. They separate, then Garcia ties up again. She drags Nepomuceno to the mat and takes side control. Short punches from Garcia two minutes in. She threatens an americana for a second, then gets it on her second try.

Final result: Garcia def. Nepomuceno by submission (americana)

Daron Cruickshank vs Damien Brown

Round one: They open the fight trading in the center. Brown changes levels, denied, avoids a head kick on the way up. Lead right from Brown a minute in. Cruickshank connects with a spinning back fist and tries to follow up with a flying knee. He ties up in the corner. Cruickshank tries a spinning elbow, lands body kicks. Cruickshank with a right downstairs. Brown trips him up with a low kick. Straight right connects as Cruickshank kicks his legs, then lands a soccer kick. Cruickshank in the front headlock, landing knees. Brown lands a right on the break. Two minutes to go.

Cruickshank prodding with his jab, fires a spinning back fist, head kick, and spinning back kick. They trade on the ropes. Brown misses a head kick, lands a spinning back fist to follow up. Cruickshank looks for an elbow, hits a takedown into guard but lands in a guillotine. Brown locks up his legs and squeezes his way to a finish.

Final result: Brown def. Cruickshank by submission (guillotine choke)

Mika Nagano vs Miyuu Yamamoto

Round one: Yamamoto on the advance. Straight left lands and she opens up in the corner. Good 1-2. Nagano shoots, sprawled on. Yamamoto landing punches as she defends. Knees to the head, more punches. Two minutes in. Yamamoto continues to land. Hard right hands in the corner. Two minutes to go.

More hammerfists and punches. One minute to go. Yamamoto keeps it up until the bell. She’s got a sizable lead.

Round two: Very slow start to the round. Nagano shoots, eats knees from the sprawling Yamamoto. Nagano regaining guard. She gets it. Looking for rubber guard. Two minutes in. Mostly just control so far. Ref stands them up with two minutes to go.

Lead left from Yamamoto. They mostly just stand at range until the last few seconds, which see Yamamoto hit an inside trip. Yamamoto still well ahead.

Round three: Yamamoto opens with a body kick. Jab upstairs. Straight left by Nagano. Counter right hook from Yamamoto a minute in. Again. Nagano shoots, stuffed, eats more knees. Body punches. Elbows to the body as Nagano regains guard two minutes in. Half guard now. Two minutes to go.

Yamamoto landing short ground-and-pound. Nagano regains guard and looks for moission control with a minute to go. Ref stands them up with twenty seconds left. Nagano lands a right. Clear win for Yamamoto.

Final result: Yamamoto def. Nagano by unanimous decision

Kazuyuki Miyata vs Erson Yamamoto

Round one: They collide in the center with flying knees to start the fight. Yamamoto pressing him against the ropes. He gets double underhooks and takes Miyata down into guard. Miyata threatens a triangle, so Yamamoto stands up straight to wriggle out. Miyata transitions to an armbar, then back to the triangle. Yamamoto slams his way out two minutes in. Good right hand from Yamamoto. Miyata threatens a sweep, then goes back to the triangle with two minutes to go.

Yamamoto again slams his way out and moves to half guard. Miyata snatches a kimura and sweeps into side control. Yamamoto using his legs to hold his hand steady, lands knees to the head and scrambles to his feet. Leg kick lands for Yamamoto. Miyata in the lead thanks to submission attempt.

Round two: Leg kick and straight right from Yamamoto. Miyata lands a left. Counter rights from Yamamoto. He tries a head kick. One minute in. Yamamoto hops in with a knee and drops Miyata with a right hand behind it. He follows Miyata down into side control, then half guard. Full guard. Good elbows from Yamamoto. A scramble ensues. Yamamoto misses a knee, lands punches and goes back into guard. Two minutes to go.

Miyata grabs a vicious-looking hammerlock, sweeping into mount and forcing the tap.

Final result: Miyata def. Yamamoto by submission (hammerlock)

Yusuke Yachi vs Johnny Case

Round one: Low kick from Yachi, head kick attempt from Case. 1-2 catches Yachi on one leg and Case follows up with a takedown into side control. Things slow way down. Yachi regains guard and scrambles to his feet tow minutes in. Case looking for a single-leg in the corner. They separate. Low kick from Yachi, then a body kick. Case lands a 1-2-1. Two minutes to go.

Check hook rattles Case, who shoots in response. Yachi lands a knee on the break. Case lands a body kick. Yachi tries a head kick, knocked back by a right hand. One minute to go. Both try 1-2s. Yachi lands a right hook to kick off a heavy exchange. Both try head kicks. Straight right from Case, right hook from Yachi. Close first round, maybe favoring Case a bit.

Round two: Yachi’s right eye is badly swollen, but he comes out for the next round. Counter hook lands for Yachi. Head kick attempt. Low kick from Case. 3-2 lands on the counter. One minute in. Case ducks a left hand for a takedown into butterfly guard. Yachi holding him close with an overhook. He briefly looks for a triangle/armbar. Two minutes to go.

Yachi tries an upkick and scrambles up. Low kick exchange. One minute to go. Yachi tries a head kick and they trade hooks. Both land hard near the corner. Hard left hand and Yachi’s eye is pouring blood. Ref steps in. There’s just too much damage to the eye and the ref calls it.

Final result: Case def. Yachi by TKO (eye injury)

Yuki Motoya vs Justin Scoggins

Round one: Motoya targeting the lead leg early. Head kick from Scoggins. 2-1 lands. Switching stance. Side kick and hook kick attempts. Motoya ties up a minute in, gets pressed against the ropes for a moment. 1-2-head kick attempt, then a body kick from Scoggins. Motoya buzzes him with a straight right, eats a left on the ropes. Scoggins hits a takedown into guard. Motoya tries a triangle, stymied by Scoggins’ hand. Two minutes in. The hand’s out and the triangle is locked in. This is deep. Two minutes to go.

Trading hammerfists. Motoya transitions to a teepee choke and gets the finish.

Final result: Motoya def. Scoggins by submission (teepee choke)

Ulka Sasaki vs Manel Kape

Round one: Sasaki pressuring early. Kape catches a pair of kicks, lands a body shot. Trading punches in the center. Kape taunts, digs a right to the body. Sasaki with a body kick. Short right from Kape. Hard right hand and left hook. Step-back right connects a minute in. Sasaki goes for a low single in the corner. He completes it after a long struggle. Kape scrambles up and sprawls on the next shot, but Sasaki continues to drive. Again Kape scrambles up and puts him on the ropes. Trading knees. They separate. Two minutes to go.

Head kick and lefts from Sasaki. Low kick lands. Body kick, low kick, head kick attempt. Straight left, counter knee. Knee upstairs with a minute to go. They trade power hands. Sasaki hits another low takedown on the ropes. He quickly transitions to the back, but loses it and lands elbows. Kape sweeps into side control. Sasaki ahead.

Round two: Kape lands a jab and head kick, then stuffs a takedown. Check hook from Sasaki, Kape comes back with a combo that drops Sasaki. Sasaki shoots, eats a knee on the way up. Well-timed level change from Sasaki puts him in half guard. Lovely transition to the back. Looking for the choke with one hook in. Dropping left hands. Kape spins into half guard two minutes in. Kape gets to his knees, separates, gets taken down again on the ropes. Sasaki pulls his head out of a guillotine with two minutes to go.

Sasaki passes to side control, then starts dropping punches and elbows from the crucifix. He goes to mount and the back in quick succession. One minute to go. He worms his forearm under Kape’s chin, can’t complete it. Looking to soften him up with punches. Kape saved by the bell as the ground-and-pound continue. Kape will need something massive to win this.

Round three: Kape stuffs an early takedown. 2-1 from Sasaki. One minute in. Kape with a straight right. Sasaki lands a straight left, can’t complete a shot. Overhand left from Kape. Straight from Sasaki. He shoots again, sprawled on. Two minutes in. Head kick attempt from Sasaki. Body kicks. Kape lands a lead left, eats jabs. Two minutes to go.

Sasaki with another low takedown, eats hammerfists from Kape but completes it. Half guard. Sasaki maintaining position well. Kape tries to scramble free from his knees, can’t do so. Sasaki should certainly get the decision.

Final result: Sasaki def. Kape by unanimous decision

Shinju Auclair vs Justyna Haba

Round one: Both women looking to find their range in the early going. Right hand lands for Haba. Both connect with rights in the corner. Another overhand by Haba. One minute in. Right cross from Auclair and she ties up. Can’t get the trip. They trade rights near the corner. Haba lands a low kick, eats a right hand and slugs her with her own in the clinch. Two minutes in. Auclair drops her with a right hand on the ropes and follows her down into guard. Haba clears her head and quickly transitions from a triangle to an armbar. Auclair working her elbow free. Two minutes to go.

Haba transitions to a toe hold, eats heel kicks to the face. Auclair escapes and transitions to the back. Auclair with some knees on the turtling Haba, then puts in a hook. She goes for an armbar, runs out of time. Auclair ahead.

Round two: Auclair wades in with a series of right hands and attempts a clinch. Haba with a left on the break. Haba lands her own rights inside. Auclair looks for a head-and-arm throw and puts in both hooks on the way down. Haba spins into her guard. Auclair goes for an armbar, but surrenders mount. Haba dropping punches two minutes in. Elbows as well. She continues to land. Two minutes to go.

Auclair surrendering her back. Haba pins an arm down with her leg and locks up the RNC, putting Auclair to sleep.

Final result: Haba def. Auclair by technical submission (rear naked choke)

Tyson Nobumitsu vs Tofiq Musayev

Round one: Musayev switching stance constantly. Low kick from Tyson. Leg kick exchange. Musayev tries a head kick. One minute in. Tyson leg kick. Musayev tries a spinning back kick. Two minutes in. Both whiff on overhand rights. They exchange on the ropes. Good punching flurry from Musayev. Two minutes to go.

Tyson leg kick, Musayev straight right. Wheel kick falls short. Tyson blasts him with a 2-3 inside. Low kick exchange. One minute to go. Counter right lands for Musayev. Spinning back fist to body kick. Musayev lands a left hook and hits a takedown before dropping heavy ground-and-pound at the bell. He’s moderately ahead so far.

Round two: Trading kicks to start the round. Musayev lands an overhand right and takes him down in the corner. Punches from Musayev. One minute in. Musayev ramps up the hammerfists to prompt the stoppage.

Final result: Musayev def. Tyson by TKO (punches)

RENA vs Samantha Jean Francois

Round one:

Round two:

Round three:

Final result:

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