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Midnight Mania! Jeff Novitzky attempts to explain why Jon Jones isn’t getting preferential treatment

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Jeff Novitsky attempted to refute comparisons between Frank Mir, Tom Lawlor and Jon Jones. Here’s the specific clip:

Its very consistent! Jon was sanctioned the first time it showed up in his system for fifteen months for what [arbitrator] McLaren ultimately determined was non-intentional use. So those out there saying that Jon got off scot-free... I mean, an independent arbitrator determined that he didn’t do anything on purpose. It was, however it got into his system, he still got fifteen months. Frank Mir, this wasn’t a second occasion where there was still remnants from the first time. He was sanctioned for strict liability, same with Tom Lawlor.

There are a couple issues with his response. The first one is that Mir alleges that he wanted USADA to test supplements from further back than six months and USADA told him that is ridiculous, contrary to what they are now saying with Jon Jones, where they have concluded, in a result that happens to financially benefit their partner the UFC, that Jones’ positive results 18 months after his first failed test are due to the metabolites remaining in his system. Novitsky doesn’t address that in the above clip. The single study he references, with one study participant (which, unless I’m mistaken, was the Russian doctor who was the subject of the excellent Netflix documentary Icarus), was in 2012, prior to Mir’s failed 2016 test, leaving that discrepancy in how the two cases were handled.

The second issue is the pulsing issue, which there isn’t enough information on to make the kind of call USADA opted to make in this case. Novitsky is really sticking to the argument that Jones is only testing positive because of ‘pulsing’. There is just no way to say with certainty- as Novitsky does- that the positive result is from the same ingestion. The research isn’t to that point. This isn’t the only claim Novitsky makes that is disputed, as he claims one cannot microdose with substances not endogenous to the body, which doesn’t seem to be the case.

Novitsky also says as a UFC employee, not one who works for USADA, he doesn’t know what substantial assistance Jones is providing, but it would be a good question for USADA.


Jon Jones just literally isn’t here for any tough questions. When confronted by reporter Aaron Bronsteter starting to ask him about preferential treatment, he just walked away. Later, he did apologize to Aaron, who explained that he hadn’t thought he was asking anything inappropriate.

Jon Jones has certainly earned the comparison in the last couple days

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Rampage had the best reaction to Jon Jones staring off past his opponent:

This could get interesting depending on what supplement companies the UFC chooses to back.

VADA is apparently taking it from here, thanks USADA.

Weird animation time:

Fighters had different reactions to the drug test results, but they seemed pretty consistently different from the conclusions the UFC, USADA and Jon Jones came to. Matt Brown concluded that the UFC should take one stance or the other.

Nate Diaz had one of the best reactions.

Eddie Alvarez’s stance is a little interesting considering he now fights in an organization that doesn’t do drug testing.

Ryan Hall doesn’t look like a professional fighter about to fight

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Ryan Hall is full of expressions at morning weigh-ins

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This antipathy towards tough reporting has been happening for a long time in the UFC. Dana White had an expletive-filled rant towards Loretta Hunt in 2009:

Regional fighter nicknames are always a gold mine.

TJ Dillashaw training his dynamic movements

Every so often someone rediscovers armwrestle fighting, and its always incredible to watch.

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Meanwhile in Japan...

Slips, Rips, KO Clips

The first weekend knockouts have already begun:

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