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Video: Jon Jones berates female reporter at UFC 232 press conference — ‘Sit down, you suck’

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, forced the promotion to uproot its entire UFC 232 fight card and move it from Las Vegas to California, thanks to a positive drug test that left Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) unwilling to grant him a license to compete.

In addition, the supposed “experts” behind his latest “picogram” hiccup are unable to explain how or why traces of Turinabol are still showing up in his system — intermittently — more than a year after he originally popped at UFC 214.

And yet somehow Jones expected to get through an entire pre-fight press conference (watch it) without being grilled over the situation that has left us with more questions than answers. Either that, or he was incensed that a female reporter would dare challenge him on the subject.

Just ask Sweden’s Izabelle Kostic, on the ground in “The Golden State” to cover Alexander Gustafsson’s attempt to avenge his UFC 165 loss to “Bones.” Her effort to glean some understanding from both Jones and White drew the ire of the ex-champ.

“Sit down,” Jones shouted. “Someone take the mic from her. Better questions. Better journalism. You suck. Have you been listening?”

I think we’ve all been listening and when Jones refers to picograms as “pictograms” and tells the media he passed a “polygram” test, it’s hard to walk away feeling satisfied with his answers, regardless of how many times the same questions have been asked.

The sooner we get the UFC 232 pay-per-view (PPV) over with, the better, though Jones will still have to appear before NSAC in January and face many of the same questions. I have a feeling he won’t be telling anyone there to sit down.

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