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Midnight Mania! Daniel Cormier, Lance Armstrong blast Jon Jones, Jeff Novitsky

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Daniel Cormier blasted old rival Jon Jones and UFC employee Jeff Novitsky today on social media. He posted a screenshot of this story that contained an Instagram comment from former cyclist (and noted doper) Lance Armstrong:

“AKA the Star F***er,” Lance Armstrong wrote in his scathing comment about Jeff Novitzky (h/t MMA Weekly). “Couple of questions. Why the double standard for Jones and others? And let’s get right to it, what does the science and scientists say? I think I know the answer, but let’s let the star f***er speak to it.”

Armstrong has a personal history with Novitsky, who prior to his work doing damage control for the UFC, did have a real career working for the US Food and Drug Administration, and played a role in the shattering of Armstrong’s reputation, despite the cyclist never failing a test, as Jones himself noted in a characteristic lack of self-awareness before all this latest insanity became public.

Cormier’s caption was no less savage, directing plenty of ire both at Jones and Novitsky.

This guy Jon Jones is such a dirt bag cheater that even Lance Armstrong is weighing in lol. Lance is like where the fuck was Jeff when I was going through this shit lol. And boy how did Jones turn Jeff Novitzky into his old lady. This is the craziest shit I’ve ever seen. And now people sending me clips of this dude being arrogant at a press conference. That is one crazy negro! Jeff Novitsky-Jones lmao #usadafake #turinabol

Platinum Mike Perry (who trains with Jon Jones) thought Daniel Cormier was just being negative. Cormier gently corrected him.

The press conference Cormier referenced was absolutly remarkable, with Jones displaying an uncanny, yet classic ability to explicitly make himself the victim.

He also was confronted for having no soul, which was a perfect moment.

Oh, and let’s not forget that he shouted down a journalist for daring to ask a legitimate question. Isabelle Kostic’s second question, which she unfortunately never repeated, was the best one she asked: why is Jon Jones fighting for similar test results to what got Tom Lawlor or Frank Mir banned?

More UFC 232 nonsense

It is incredibly unlikely, but how wild would it be if Alexander Gustafsson did this to Jon Jones?

Khabib Nurmagomedov, or more likely his manager Ali Abdelaziz, weighs in again


Tim Means explains how Jon Jones’ argument didn’t apply to his situation, when he actually had an explanation for his positive tests.

Thank you.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If it is, double down and do more.

A reminder that the UFC were not honest with their timeline for this event.

This isn’t what they were telling us when these tests happened.

Great question, except they clearly don’t stop certain fighters named Jon Jones.


Dennis Bermudez gets a chance to right the ship after three split decision losses in a row.

There were other combat sports happening today

I immediately thought of some BJJ guys I’ve trained with

Random Land

Assemble the Avengers, we have an issue in New York

(it was an exploding power transformer btw)

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