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Jon Jones has some advice for ‘ignorant’ UFC 232 critics: Pick up a book, do your homework

According to former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, not even the scientists who found trace amounts of Turinabol in his system know how or why it might be there more than a year after he tested positive at UFC 214.

“Even the scientists that found it, don’t know much about it,” Jones told ESPN. “I’m hearing reports this s--t could live in my system for seven years.”

That’s what makes his latest approach to the UFC 232 fiasco so puzzling. If the scientists behind the actual science are baffled, and the folks at United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) have no reasonable explanation, then I’m not sure what book we should be reading to educate ourselves on the matter.

Maybe Jones means his most recent book, “How To Suck One, For Dummies.”

“I just have to surrender to people’s opinions. I gotta surrender to the ignorance our sport is surrounded by. I gotta surrender to the fact most people will never pick up a book and do homework for themselves,” Jones told ESPN. “I gotta surrender to it all and say, ‘Listen Jon, you’ve had a controversial career. You’re fun for people to pick at. You’re fun for people to talk about. If you are part of anything that’s not positive, it’s going to be huge news.’ I have to be 100 percent confident in knowing I didn’t do anything wrong.”

I don’t think his latest drug test is why people are so upset.

The real issue is that UFC could have very easily postponed the return of “Bones” until March, giving Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) ample time to investigate what happened and why, before agreeing to license him.

Instead, it uprooted the entire fight card and moved it to California, putting undue stress on the other fighters slotted to compete on Dec. 29 and screwing over fans who already made travel arrangements for Las Vegas, most of which is proving to be nonrefundable.

Maybe they can borrow one of Dana White’s 30 Ferraris.

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