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Video: UFC drops fluff piece on Jon Jones and MMA fans promptly destroy it

Let’s get real for a minute.

For most mixed martial arts (MMA) fans, it doesn’t really matter where Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson fight. Whether the UFC 232 pay-per-view (PPV) event stays in Las Vegas or moves to Los Angeles (because of this) is irrelevant to those of us watching at him on the couch, or alongside the squad at some overpriced sports bar.

So yes, a lot of the fan backlash is nothing more than mob mentality.

But for those folks who bought tickets for T-Mobile Arena, only to learn the event was moved out of state, there are some pretty hard feelings toward Jon Jones, who returned another wonky drug test, promotion president Dana White, who smugly exonerated “Bones” from any wrongdoing, and UFC in general, which fucked over the rest of the Dec. 29 fight card.

And to be honest, people (like Joe Rogan) just want a main event that lives and dies on the merits of the in-cage fighting, not the outside politics. That’s why this latest fluff piece featuring the return of Jones was absolutely killed in the comments section and earned more than 5,200 dislikes.

A sample:

Jon Jones ain’t on instagram he’s on picagram.

I’m glad fans are finally turning on this psycho.

That’s still my boy! -Turinabol

Honestly shouldn’t even be fighting, UFC is becoming a joke.

Gram-for-gram, one of the best fighter of all time.

“I can do all things through turinabol who strengthens me” - Jon “Usada” Jones

Click here if you want to read the rest (or pile on).

I can only imagine the reception Jones will get at the UFC 232 ceremonial weigh ins tomorrow night in Inglewood, Calif., from whatever fans are there to support what is actually a pretty stacked line up (see it here).

For much more on the UFC 232 event and all its drama click here.

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