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Midnight Mania! Cyborg on UFC 232 switch: ‘How can you call media and not call your fighters?’

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Welcome to Midnight Mania!

UFC featherweight champion Cris Cyborg was as taken by surprise with the entire UFC 232 event being moved to a new city on a few days notice- and she had an issue with that.

“This is crazy,” Cyborg said. “They’re supposed to contact everybody. We’re partners. We’re partners. We can’t partner together … and they don’t contact you before. But I was in touch with my manager and he didn’t know, too. He was buying gifts for his family. Nobody knows. Just really don’t like. How can you call media and not call your fighters? For you to prepare yourself before and handle things before. How long do they know this?”

She does think the event has a side benefit for a lot of her fans, because Los Angeles, where she lives and trains, is the new home for UFC 232. She is, however, concerned that many who bout tickets and made plans be able to change them at the last second, a process that is giving a lot of UFC fans proverbial whiplash.

“I think for Cyborg Nation fans, it’s gonna be an amazing thing, really,” Cyborg said. “But I know a lot of Cyborg Nation fans already had a lot of tickets for Las Vegas. But for sure you’re gonna have a lot more Cyborg nation fans in California, because it’s the place I live. It’s gonna be I’m fighting in my house now. But I feel sad for the people who made plans. I hope they can make LA, too.”

As far as the timing, Cyborg is just happy the fight is still on, as she spent 34 of the year training for Amanda Nunes. She wants the show to go on, though she is sad for the fans who won’t be able to make it.

“I trained for this fight nine months,” Cyborg said. “I want to fight. I just feel upset about my fans, the people who bought a ticket. And about family that’s gonna come. But my thoughts continue, I’m gonna fight Amanda. It doesn’t matter where, if you move the city. It’s just, this is really crazy because people bought a ticket, made plans for family in Las Vegas. But in my mind, I’m training, I’m ready, I was ready a long time ago for this fight. I really don’t want to change the date. But I’m sad about the people who cannot come and make it [to] LA.”

Indeed, those seem to be the main victims here, as the UFC seemingly gave them no consideration at all in their change of plans to accommodate Picogram Jones.


Credit to Al Iaquinta for “Picogram Jones”

Galaxy Brain Jones

Let’s not forget Snitch Jones

Herb Dean is the sacrificial lamb to the main event injury curse for UFC 232.

Jon Jones had to know he was going to get dunked on for this, and sure enough, Anthony Smith took the opportunity.

It is fitting that Cain Velasquez begins the ESPN era opposite Junior Dos Santos’ spiritual successor, Francis Ngannou, who in all likelihood will end him the same way Junior did in the opening bout of the Fox era.

The single worst aspect of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the lack of urgency towards takedowns.

Michael Bisping and his son are amateur fight choreographers

Merry Christmas from the last time Conor McGregor won an MMA bout.

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Merry Christmas and good night ❤️

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Retired bantamweight Urijah Faber is going to be a father- congratulations to him and to Jaslyn.

Someone filmed me in the gym doing my thing, and I don’t appreciate it.

Brian Ortega, whose black eye looks worse here than it did a week ago, poses with actor and martial arts enthusiast Robert Downey Jr.

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Merry Christmas

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Alex Oliveira got attacked by someone with a grenade in an altercation on his block, and I have to note that his block is much crazier than my block, and probably crazier than your block.

A note on picograms:

The memes were spicy this Christmas

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Repost: @davemmadden

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The thing is, they didn’t even need to photoshop Jones on Santa’s lap

The egregious thing is, the re-released tickets for the new venue are thousands of dollars apiece

Merry Christmas to everyone from Angela Hill

What a gorgeous knockout

Darren Till explains how to throw an elbow

Random Land

Cookie cutter machines are somehow satisfying to watch in action.

The turinabol in Jon Jones’ system, going into hiding so it can pop up again 18 months later:

The capybaras look so content

All the father’s years of foosball instincts came to bear here

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