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UFC fighter injured in grenade attack, forced to undergo surgery (seriously)

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight veteran, Alex Oliveira, was on somebody’s naughty list this year, because “Cowboy” got a grenade for Christmas. Not the kind that lights a cigarette or squirts water, the kind that blows up and sends you to the hospital with shrapnel in your leg.

This is why I make it a policy to never get out of my car to confront an armed militia.

“One guy came up and pointed a gun at my nephew’s face, and that’s when people started pushing each other,” Oliveira told TV Rio Sul (via MMA Fighting). “They had machetes, knives, a grenade. They threw a grenade in my direction. Fragments flew into my leg and my foot.”

No word yet on whether it was that pineapple-shaped grenade from World War II or that little black baseball that turned Stansfield into ludicrous gibs in The Professional.

Oliveira (19-6-1, 2 NC) is likely to heal faster from the surgery to remove grenade fragments from his leg than from the stitches to close that giant head wound suffered in a submission loss to Gunnar Nelson at UFC 231 earlier this month in Toronto.

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