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Midnight Mania! Merry Christmas ya filthy animals

Bringing you the weird and wild from the world of MMA each and every weeknight

Christmas Celebrations In Australia Photo by Mark Evans/Getty Images

Welcome to Midnight Mania, Christmas Night Edition! This probably isn’t the most up to date, because I’m not working on Christmas, but enjoy this smattering of posts about events over the past few days! What a holiday season its been already for MMA fans.

Jon Bones Jones, Man, Fighter, Christian

MMA is an incredible sport, a perfect reflection of the chaos of our age, and did not disappoint with one last debacle before the end of 2018. Jon Jones single-handedly got the UFC to play Twister, moving an entire UFC card to a different state and city on one week’s notice because he had a trace amount of steroids in his blood... again... a similar amount to what got Tom Lawlor cut from the UFC. But don’t worry, he didn’t test positive, Dana White assures us.

Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson went back and forth on Twitter afterwards, and Gustafsson got the better of the exchange.

That barb seemed to get to Jones, who responded to it several times

Damage control

These are the people actually affected:

Fighters are ripping into the UFC’s hypocricy, and how little the powers that be care about anything except their arbitrary, short-term financial goals. Mark Hunt went off:

Corey Anderson’s not mad, he’s just disappointed:

Khabib Nurmagomedov just wants the special treatment too:

Daniel Cormier’s reaction was the best:

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He tested positive again!!!!!

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All is subsumed to the concerns of capital.

Men lie, women lie, Jon Jones lies. If there is one thing we can say about him for certain, it is that.

If you get a chance, read Greg Howard’s profile on Jon Jones, which holds up even better than when it was written. Its one of the best pieces of MMA writing ever done.


Don’t forget Tenshin Nasukawa this New Year’s Eve

Olivier Aubin-Mercier is hilarious.

Don’t be that guy at the holiday party:

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l Great party

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How does this animated face capture the soul of an entire genre of fan so accurately?

This was hilarious to me because its the equivalent to the Old West trope “you draw on the count of 3” and then drawing on 1... except it actually worked!

More knockouts:

Clean knockout:

Watch your uncles this holiday season:

I’m very upset with this video

Random Land

Some color for your Christmas:

Another tsumani in Indonesia??

Here’s a much lighter video: a Fennec Fox trying to figure out the new craze, sound-activated Yellies toys.

Sleep well, Maniacs! A better tomorrow is always possible. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook @Vorpality

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