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‘Clean’ Jon Jones releases statement regarding UFC 232 drug test result

It wouldn’t be a Jon Jones fight without some sort of crazy drama. This time that drama materialized in the form of an ‘abnormal’ USADA drug test result, one that found trace metabolites of oral Turinabol in his system. USADA released a statement claiming this came from Jones’ original drug offense in July of 2017, but the Nevada commission refused to sanction Jones’ UFC 232 fight on December 29th against Alexander Gustafsson.

In an interesting turn of events, the UFC has decided to save the fight by switching the location, taking UFC 232 from Vegas to Los Angeles after the California commission tested Jones and agreed to license him. That’s obviously led to a lot of what the holy huh wow reactions from everyone, including Jones’ most famous opponent Daniel Cormier.

The two went back and forth in less than professional fashion, which is a contrast to the official statement Jones just put out:

Oh, and because this is Jon Jones, he couldn’t help but get a parting shot in at Daniel Cormier referencing his six figure challenge...

In this case, the UFC and Dana White seem to be standing behind Jones and agreeing with USADA’s determination that this is tied to his previous suspension. And while it’s nice to see the UFC stand by their man, you still gotta feel for all the sports fans who planned vacations to Las Vegas for UFC 232. Losing a main event is nothing new, but an event switching cities? We hope a 4 hour drive from Vegas to Los Angeles isn’t out of the question for too many of you.

What do you think, Maniacs? Are you happy the UFC did what they had to do to save Jones vs. Gus? Or would you rather they kept the event in Las Vegas?

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