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Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones get personal over ‘positive’ UFC 232 drug test

The MMA world is still reeling from the Christmas anti-miracle that is UFC 232 getting moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles over an ‘abnormal’ Jon Jones drug test. Specifically, a December USADA urine test that found 60 picograms of oral Turinabol metabolite in Jones’ system, an amount that USADA and the UFC both agree is probably from his initial drug test failure in July of 2017.

But wait ... the metabolite didn’t show up in several other Jones drug tests? And it shows up again now, a year and a half later? Is everyone really 100% sure that points to a tiny amount still hanging around? The skeptical side of me wonders whether this is all just poorly done micro-dosing. Add in Jones’ suspicious T/E levels in 2015 and off brand Viagra excuse in 2016 and I’m starting to doubt Jon’s pretty convincing “I’m just a f**k up” line.

Whatever the case, Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson will still go down, just at the Forum in Inglewood instead of the T-Mobile Arena in Vegas.

Fans who booked up a Vegas vacation with the intent of attending UFC 232 are pissed. Also unhappy? Daniel Cormier, whose legacy is forever tied to Jon Jones and his many screw ups. “DC” responded to the situation shortly after it was revealed, panning USADA and thanking the Nevada commission for not moving forward with the fight.

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That last Instagram post caught Jones’ attention, and things quickly got personal. Here’s what he wrote to Cormier in the comments before quickly deleting the message:

Jones released an official statement on the situation and then followed it up with this:

Here’s what Cormier fired back:

Yep, in case you thought things had changed in the last ten minutes, Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier still don’t like each other.

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