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Dana White says UFC ‘best live event in all of sports’

UFC 205: Press Conference Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Dana White is a promoter and he does what promoters are supposed to do.

Whether it’s making the most lucrative fights in the sport or building up a fighter who may not be ready for the spotlight, White will do, and sometimes say, whatever it takes to keep the machine running. It’s one of the reason’s why Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the success it is today.

In fact, White believes he may have built the most entertaining entity in all of sports. One that outshines the likes of the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, among others.

“I know this sounds completely arrogant but we’re the best live event in all of sports,” White said during a recent appearance on Barstool Sports podcast,. “People who go to NFL games, college football, basketball, all this stuff, there’s nothing like going to a UFC event. A UFC event live is ridiculous.

“In the 18-year history of this company, I’ve never had a television executive, a sponsor, whatever it might be, come to an event and leave going ‘I don’t ever want to come to one of these again,’”

If you haven’t been to a live UFC event you’re truly missing out. But to be honest, all of those other sports offer some pretty entertaining stuff, especially when the action spills over into the playoffs.

That said, UFC does offer a unique opportunity to witness the most pure form of sport; hand-to-hand combat. Not many people encounter that type of sport and violence in their lives and it enthralls them. Some bite off more than they can chew — not having experienced the carnage in the past — but most fight fans leave their first UFC event in need of a second.

Even though there’s been some pretty bad UFC events in the past, the promotion is fairly consistent with putting on good fights. Not every card is going to feature a Conor McGregor or Ronda Rousey, but the action itself usually delivers.

What say you, Maniacs? Is UFC the best live event in all of sports?

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