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Alexander Gustafsson: I am Jon Jones’ kryptonite, his era will come to an end at UFC 232

Alexander Gustafsson has been waiting five years to get the chance to face Jon Jones for the second time following their epic fight at UFC 165 five years ago (see it here). “The Mauler” came up short in his bid to dethrone “Bones” but says now that the chance for revenge is here, he isn’t about to let it slip away so easily.

Especially since he’s been training to face Jones since that night in 2013.

“Fighting Jon Jones again, and it’s been five years since we fought – it’s the fight I’ve been wanting for a long time and dreaming about and training for all this time. All this time, I’ve been training for this fight. This is it. I’m preparing for him. Every session, I’ve prepared for him. That’s the best guy out there, and that’s the guy I’m beating,” said Gus during a recent media scrum via MMA Junkie.

“I can’t want it more than this. It’s a dream fight, and that’s the thing that’s been pushing me the most. I want the biggest fights, fighting the best guys out there, and this is just the highlight. This is it.”

For Alex, facing Jones was the fight fight to make for his comeback bout after another run-in with USADA. Plus their rematch can pump some life back into the weight class and predicts the do-over will be even better than their original showdown.

“This is the best fight in the light heavyweight division and will be even better (than first fight). I have prepared for 10 rounds for this fight.”

Still feeling like he won the first fight, Gustafsson says even Jones knows a rematch won’t turn out so well for him, because at the end of the day “The Mauler” is his weakness and the exact type of fighter he likes to avoid.

“I’m his kryptonite, he doesn’t like to fight me. I’m bringing something he doesn’t like to handle,” he concluded. “I’m the guy, the Jon era is over, it’s over and I am here to take over it. I’m here to take the belt and beat him once and for all.”

The winner will walk away with the Light heavyweight title that was yanked from Daniel Cormier due to his retirement plans. Plus, the victor will likely walk away with UFC’s revamped title.

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