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Dana White: UFC grew so fast because Joe Rogan is the best ever

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4th Annual Spike TV 2006 Video Game Awards - Press Room Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Spike TV

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) color commentator, Joe Rogan, is the voice that most mixed martial arts (MMA) fans associate with the action taking place inside the Octagon. But the former “Fear Factor” host is also an accomplished comedian and a successful podcaster.

He’s so good, he can even interview himself.

So it’s hard to imagine that some fighters were actually against having Rogan in the booth. Quinton Jackson accused the enemy of the Westboro Baptist Church of playing the rusty trombone, while Matt Hughes once buried him for being a non-fighter.

UFC President Dana White, however, has a much different take.

“When you talk about talent, he’s the best ever,” White told Barstool Sports. “Part of the reason we’ve grown so fast is because Rogan’s ability to walk you through what’s going on while it’s happening. He’s brilliant, he’s so good, and he’s so passionate about the sport. You feel it when you’re watching. This isn’t a guy who’s just there for the paycheck, this is a guy who loves this stuff. We didn’t pay Rogan the first 12 events he worked, he did them for free. He’s got a great voice for it too, his voice is great.”

His turning side kick ain’t so bad, either.

If what White said was true, then let’s hope Rogan got a cut of that $4 billion that exchanged hands back in 2017. If so, that might also explain why the recreational drugs enthusiast is looking to wind down his not-sports guy career.

No apology needed.

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