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Jon Jones: Conor McGregor was real ‘champ-champ,’ Daniel Cormier just a ‘freaking joke’

Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, is making his return to mixed martial arts (MMA) in the UFC 232 pay-per-view (PPV) main event, which takes place on Dec. 29, 2018 inside T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Bones” was suspended — yet again — after flunking his UFC 214 drug test back in summer 2017, which forced California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) to revoke his license and overturn his second consecutive win against Daniel Cormier.

So now that Jones is back, do we just forget about his past transgressions and look toward the future? The “Bones” team is using science to exonerate the pound-for-pound great, but not everyone is on board with the “official” explanation.

Including “DC.”

“Why was it there without any explanation of why it got there? That’s my question,” Cormier told Jim Rome (via MMA Weekly). “Why didn’t I have a pinch of salt in the swimming pool? That’s where my issue is. You win the fight, go ahead and win the fight but don’t leave anything to question is my response. Don’t have a pinch of salt. Don’t have tainted sex pills. Just don’t have that stuff and then we never have these discussions to discredit the things that you have done. That’s my response.”

The promotion was forced to return the 205-pound strap to Cormier once Jones pissed dirty, and after Volkan Oezdemir was bagged and tagged at UFC 220, the Olympian moved up to heavyweight to capture the title from Stipe Miocic, adding his name to the list of UFC “champ-champs.”

A label UFC President Dana White has asked him to relinquish ahead of UFC 232.

“Daddy’s baby still out there whining,” Jones wrote on Twitter. “What proud ‘double champion’ just vacates his belt because someone else returns to the sport? Fight me one more time and prove you’re actually the champ-champ. I’ll donate $100,000 to a charity in San Diego if you accept. Conor McGregor was an actual double champ, the whole world knows your claim is a freaking joke. You’re more than welcome to be my first title defense.”

Brock Lesnar may have something to say about that.

McGregor captured the featherweight title from Jose Aldo at UFC 194, but opted to move up to lightweight instead of defending the 145-pound strap. The decision paid dividends, as “Notorious” smoked Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205 back in late 2016.

As for Jones, he’ll try to make it three straight against Cormier, even if he has to make the oft-teased jump to heavyweight. But none of that is even worth talking about until “Bones” can rid himself of Alexander Gustafsson a week from Saturday night in “Sin City.”

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