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UFC Fight Night 142 results: Shogun Rua mounts incredible comeback win over Tyson Pedro

Light heavyweight legend Shogun Rua faced down young prospect Tyson Pedro tonight (Saturday, December 1, 2018) from inside the Adelaide Entertainment Center in Adelaide, Australia, live and free on Fox Sports 1.

Shogun stalked, whiffed a body kick, as Pedro circled with arm outstretched, keeping the distance. Pedro landed a quick one-two and Shogun stumbled. Pedro went after him and Shogun covered, then countered with an overhand. The same thing happened moments later, as Pedro landed another one-two but ate two hooks from Shogun on the counter. They traded again, alternating patient stalking with bursts of action.Shogun landed an inside leg kick. Pedro ate an overhand trying to throw a kick. he threw up a straight kick and landed a punch off it. Shogun tried to get aggressive and found himself hurt! He stumbled and Pedro swarmed, but couldn’t get the finish even as he landed huge shots. They separated, and traded again, with Pedro seeming to hurt Shogun again. They clinched, with Pedro landing knees, then Shogun reversed and managed to get Pedro down at the end of the round, landing a couple elbows from top side control. What a wild, wild round. It looked certain Shogun would be stopped but he somehow covered up and survived. The replay showed it was a clash of heads that rocked Shogun initially, with Pedro landing huge knees and uppercuts that somehow Rua weathered.

Shogun landed an overhand right that sent Pedro backwards in the second round, then punched into the clinch, looking to try to get the back of Pedro standing. He did get all the way behind Tyson, kicked his legs out, and took the fight to the mat, working straight from side control. Pedro looked for a kimura. He nearly swept Shogun, only to lose position and give Shogun a dominant position. Shogun kept heavy pressure, then started to land short little punches and shoulder strikes. He was doing just enough to keep the referee from resetting while staying close for control. Eventually Pedro stood. Shogun kept the rear waist cinch and brought him back to his knees, then threw him down again, landing some hooks and pulling Pedro into north-south position as the round ended, putting his cup right in Pedro’s face.

Shogun landed a couple inside low kicks. Pedro dipped suddenly, with some kind of leg injury. Shogun then dropped Pedro with an overhand! He rained down the punishment until the referee had seen enough! What a comeback from Shogun Rua! Absolutely incredible from the old warhorse, injury to Tyson Pedro notwithstanding.

Afterwards, Shogun, speaking through interpreter, thanked his family and daughters, saying he loved them very much. He said one more win and he will fight for the belt. That seems unlikely, but this was a feel-good win for him regardless.

Official result: Shogun Rua def. Tyson Pedro via TKO at :43 of Round 3

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