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UFC Fight Night 142 results: Justin Willis outjabs Hunt to decision

Heavyweight sluggers Mark Hunt and Justin Willis threw down tonight (Saturday, December 1, 2018) from inside the Adelaide Entertainment Center in Adelaide, Australia, live and free on Fox Sports 1.

Willis came out southpaw, both tubby but dangerous men cautious. Hunt landed a powerful leg kick. He threw a right straight, ducking the counter from Willis. “Big Pretty” landed a leg kick on the Super Samoan. Hunt landed another inisde low kick. Willis whiffed on a pair of hooks. Hunt landed another leg kick but ate a left straight on the chin. Willis ate another leg kick, then a body kick from Hunt, who ducked his overhand. Hunt was blinking, leaned away from a Willis overhand. Hunt landed a straight to the body. Willis thew up a front kick to the body. Hunt thew another body kick. Willis landed a jab, moved backwards from Hunt’s attack, then thudded another couple jabs home before the round ended.

Willis thew an overhand, then a low inside leg kick. Hunt landed a wide right to the body. Willis was moving well, and landed another jab. That jab was really snapping Hunt’s head back. Hunt, buoyed by the crowd, was moving forward, but not getting a whole lot done. Willis landed another jab, then another. Willis landed a quick left hand, circled out from the cage. Hunt thew a quick one-two targeting the body. He finally landed an inside low kick. His mouthpiece went flying and Hunt took his time putting it back in. Willis popped Hunt with two more jabs, which turned out to be the story of the round.

Hunt ate another jab, landed a body kick, leaned back to avoid an overhand and ate another jab. Willis landed a nice head kick, then another jab. Hunt threw up a kick, but he wasn’t throwing hard, perhaps because his shin was bruised and bleeding. Willis and Hunt traded hooks. Willis worked his jab some more, and Hunt whiffed badly on an overhand. Willis jabbed and moved, jabbed and moved. He was looking increasingly fluid as Hunt seemed increasingly frustrated. Willis landed a rear uppercut, and was following Willis around the cage. Willis landed a knee, and Hunt stepped in but whiffed a hook. Willis kept pivoting off nicely and jabbing as Hunt advanced. Hunt, frustrated, thew an outside body kick to try to stifle the constant circling.

Willis promptly surrendered the floor to Hunt, who laughed awkwardly and thanked him. Hunt thanked the UFC, and said “I’ll see you somewhere, I expect.”

Official result: Justin Willis def. Mark Hunt via unanimous decision (29-28x3)

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