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UFC on Fox 31 results: Rob Font beats up Sergio Pettis for unanimous decision win

Bantamweights Sergio Pettis and Rob Font fought each other tonight (Sat., December 15, 2018) inside Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin tonight, the last live and free event on big FOX.

Font began the fight with a long jab, with Pettis blocking and looking to counter. Sergio looked to counter with his own jab. Font turned his jab into one-twos. Pettis landed a few kicks to the legs and body. Font looked for a wide right to the body. Font landed a crisp one-two as Pettis looked to counter with a kick. He landed another one-two. Pettis countered with his own combination, ate a body hook and landed a right hand. Font grabbed a body-lock and landed a takedown. He postured and looked to drop bombs on Sergio, landing to the body. Pettis tried throwing upkicks, finally stood and landed a spinning kick as Font held one of his feet and kicked at him.

They traded jabs again to start the second round as Font walked Sergio down. He landed a hard combination with Pettis’ back to the cage and dove for a takedown attempt that Pettis stuffed. He landed another jab. Pettis threw a looping head kick that clipped Font a bit. Font countered a jab with a leg kick. They traded jabs, and Font landed another wide right under Pettis’ elbow. Pettis seemed a bit outgunned on the feet, but didn land a nice right hand. Font went back to that long one-two, and landed another leg kick. Pettis landed his own leg kick, then had a high kick blocked. Font leaned away from another looping high kick. Tehy traded punched and Pettis landed a couple nice right hands. Font landed another wide right to the body. Pettis landed a cross. Font threw an uppercut, tried to take Pettis down, but Pettis landed on top. Font reversed Pettis with a kimura attempt and stayed in side control through the bell!

Pettis threw a high kick and Font landed half a dozen jabs. They clinched, but Pettis broke away in the center of the cage. Font landed another jab, and Pettis countered with a leg kick. Nice right hand by Pettis, who narrowly whiffed on an uppercut. Pettis tried a spinning heel kick that Font blocked. Pettis threw a combination, but Font came back with one that knocked his mouthpiece out. Font landed another takedown with a bodylock. Font stood and landed a right hand, then tried to take Pettis’ back as he turtled. Font dragged him backwards. Pettis tried to stand again but couldn’t get off the mat long enough to get separation, Font dragging him backwards in a very big brother-esque move. Font stayed on top until the very final second, where Pettis whiffed on one last high kick at the bell.

Font congratulated Duke Roufus and Pettis after the bout, saying he didn’t take it lightly. He said he wanted that finish, but couldn’t quite get it. He said anyone in the top ten would do, as he got the taste of his last L out of his mouth. Then he shouted a happy birthday to his mom.

Official result: Rob Font def. Sergio Pettis via unanimous decision (30-27x3)

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