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Bellator 212 results: Live streaming play-by-play updates

Primus vs Chandler
Salute the Troops
Bellator MMA

Bellator 212: “Salute the Troops” airs live TONIGHT (Fri., Dec. 14, 2018) from Neal S. Blaisdell Arena in Honolulu, Hawaii. The main event will see Lightweight champion Brent Primus (8-0) make his long overdue inaugural title defense in a rematch with Michael Chandler (18-4).

Bellator 212’s main card will start at 9 p.m. ET on Paramount Network. will deliver results and play-by-play for the entirety of the Bellator MMA card, starting with the “Prelims” undercard at 8:45 p.m. and going straight through the main event.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 212) about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show -- it’s always a lot of fun!


Brent Primus vs. Michael Chandler — Chandler def. Primus by unanimous decision (50-45 x3)
Frank Mir vs. Javy Ayala — Ayala def. Mir by submission (injury) at 4:30 of Round Two
Derek Campos vs. Sam Sicilia — Sicilia def. Campos by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Alejandra Lara vs. Juliana Velasquez — Velasquez def. Lara by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)
A.J. McKee vs. Daniel Crawford — McKee def. Crawford by submission (anaconda choke) at 3:19 of Round One
Robson Gracie Jr. vs. Brysen Bolahao — Gracie def. Bolahao by submission (rear naked choke) at 4:00 of Round Two
Tywan Claxton vs. Kaeo Meyer — Claxton def. Meyer by TKO (punches) at 2:56 of Round One
Brandon Pieper vs. Chris Avila — Avila def. Pieper by submission (rear naked choke) at 3:44 of Round One
Toby Misech vs. Edward Thommes — Misech def. Thommes by TKO (knee and punches) at 2:25 of Round Three
Paul Lopes vs. Nick Badis


Brent Primus vs. Michael Chandler

Round 1: Primus throwing kicks to start. Leg kick connects. Counter right just misses. Chandler looking for the body. One minute in. Good jab by Primus. Low kicks still landing. Body kick. Left hook buckles Primus, who comes back with an uppercut but gets blasted again with a right hand. Chandler stalking. Lead right into a takedown two minutes in. Primus threatens an armbar for a moment. Chandler on top in guard. Two minutes to go.

Short elbows landing for Chandler. More good shots. One minute to go. Chandler continues landing until the bell. 10-9 Chandler.

Round 2: Primus goes back to the kicks. Sharp jab from Chandler. Jab from Primus. Chandler bangs the body, eats a good low kick. One minute in. Check hook catches Chandler coming in and drops him. Primus jumps on his back and fights for the RNC. Chandler spins into guard two minutes in. Primus threatens a triangle, eats heavy right hands from a postured Chandler. He tries for a diving right. Two minutes to go.

Ref wants more action. Chandler staying close, landing good ground-and-pound. 10-9 Chandler.

Round 3: Leg kick and left hook by Chandler. Primus jabbing as Chandler swings big. Chandler to the body. Primus blitzes, separates a minute in. Stiff jab by Chandler. He fires a pair of rights and hits a takedown on the fence. Back to the ground-and-pound two minutes in. Keeping up the pressure and short blows. Two minutes to go.

Primus initiates a scramble with a minute to go and looks for a leg, can’t get anything from it. 10-9 Chandler.

Round 4: Primus counters a level change with an uppercut and straight right, then gets taken down into guard. One minute in. Back to the same. Still chipping away. Two minutes to go.

Still more of the same. Primus trying for a gogoplata, loses it. 10-9 Chandler.

Round 5: Another low kick from Primus. Chandler lands a right to the body and hits yet another takedown into guard. Crowd’s pissed. Primus looking for an omoplata. More of the same after that fails. This continues until the bell, when Primus pops up and gets immediately taken down again. 10-9 Chandler.

Final result:

Frank Mir vs. Javy Ayala

Round 1: They clinch up early. Ayala takes him to the fence. They separate. One minute in. Low kick by Mir. Mir gets double underhooks, takes Ayala down into half guard. Shots to the body. Looking to isolate Ayala’s right arm two minutes in. Kimura attempt. Loses it, takes side control. Elbows to the midsection. Two minutes to go.

Briefly threatens the kimura again. Elbows to the head. Mir passes to mount, which allows Ayala to stand. One minute to go. Knee and elbow from Ayala inside. Mir steps into the clinch and hits an outside trip into half guard. 10-9 Mir.

Round 2: Mir hits another quick takedown. Knee to the body as Ayala stands. Knees and elbows from Ayala split Mir open. Separation, back to the clinch. Elbow from Ayala a minute in. Ayala kneeing the thighs. Mir tries a hip toss, eats a left hand. Jockeying for position. Mir shoots for a low takedown and Ayala whacks his body. Two minutes in. Knee and more hammerfists to the body. Mir looks spent. Ayala avoids the takedown and pounds on Mir as the latter stands. More elbows from Ayala. Hard body shots. Two minutes to go.

Mir lands a hard knee and suddenly opens up with punches before changing levels. Ayala defends, presses Mir against the fence. One minute to go. Short lefts from Ayala. Mir struggling with the blood and taps.

Final result: Ayala def. Mir by submission (injury)

Derek Campos vs. Sam Sicilia

Round 1: It’s a slugfest right off the bat. Sicilia draws first blood, hurting Campos early. Campos gets right back into it, but it’s still Sicilia landing the harder blows. One minute in. More hard right hands. Things slow down a bit. Campos catches a high kick, can’t use it. Body shots from Campos. 3-2 from Sicilia. Two minutes in. Some trading in the center. Campos tries a spinning back fist. Two minutes to go.

Both land hard rights. Overhand by Sicilia. Campos bouncing shots off the guard. One minute to go. Left hook by Campos, who gets dropped by a left hook near the ear. He pops back up in a hurry. Campos connects with his own right at the bell. 10-9 Sicilia.

Round 2: Slower start to the round. Left hook lands for Sicilia, then an overhand right. Campos swinging with him. Overhand rights from Sicilia, brutal uppercuts inside. One minute in. Left hook, 1-2. Lead right. He’s landing a lot of nasty punches here. Lead right and Campos wobbles. Sicilia opens up on the fence. Campos ties up. Looking for the back. He gets the rear waistlock, can’t heave him up and they separate. Nasty uppercut by Sicilia and he’s back on the attack. Campos is taking a lot of punishment, but manages to clinch up again. They separate. Campos to the body. Two minutes to go.

Hard right hand on the break by Sicilia. Campos with his own right. Looking for a high crotch, lands in guard. One minute to go. Campos moves to half guard, then side control and mount in quick succession. Sicilia scrambles up before the bell. 10-9 Sicilia.

Round 3: Campos opening up early, lands a right around the guard. Campos shoots, drags Sicilia to the mat and looks for the back. One minute in. Sicilia scrambles up and separates. Right hand round the guard from Campos. Sicilia looks like he’s slowed. Two minutes in. Good uppercut by Campos. Sicilia has really lessened his volume. Two minutes to go.

Campos potshotting. Body shot from Sicilia. Cammpos lands a right downstairs. Sicilia answers in kind, lands some heavy rights to the head and shrugs off a takedown. Brief clinch. One minute to go. Sicilia lands a winging left hook, right hook to the body afterwards. Campos fires combinations, eats an overhand, lands an uppercut. Sweeping right by Sicilia. Campos hits a takedown into half guard and starts pounding. 10-9 Campos.

Final result: Sicilia def. Campos by split decision

Alejandra Lara vs. Juliana Velasquez

Round 1: Lara tries a side kick, lands a leg kick. Hook kick misses, left hand dows not. One minute in. They clinch and Velasquez takes her to the fence. They separate. 1-2 by Lara. Velasquez lands a looping right and sprawls on a shot. She looks for a guillotine, loses her grip. 1-2 from Lara, counter right from Velasquez. Lara shoots with two minutes to go.

She puts Velasquez on the cage. Knee lands for Velasquez before they separate. 1-2 lands for her. One minute to go. Side kick by Lara. Right uppercut from Velasquez. Lara tries to spin, then briefly shoots. Counter left by Velasquez and a takedown. Lara scrambles up in the front headlock. 10-9 Velasquez, but it’s close.

Round 2: Leg kick from Lara. Counter 1-2 by Velasquez. One minute in. Lara steps in too deep and gets taken down for it. Lara turns to her knees, tries to roll, briefly threatens a leg before they stand. Two minutes in. They trade punches. Velasquez catches a kick and lands a straight left, then lands leg kicks on the prone Lara. Sweeping counter right. Two minutes to go.

1-2 from Lara met by a right hook. Body kick by Velasquez, who sprawls on a single-leg and takes top guard. Lara kicks her away after taking some lefts. Both landing on the feet. Velasquez getting the better of it. Hard left hands. Lara falling short with her counters. 10-9 Velasquez.

Round 3: They slug it out to open the round. Lara tries a labored wheel kick. Leg kick by Velasquez. One minute in. Straight right from Lara, who gets cracked by a counter left in the next exchange. Both connect near the fence. Velasquez with a left downstairs. They tie up for a moment two minutes in. Back to the clinch. Lara tries a rolling kneebar, transitions to a heel hook. Velasquez stacking her. Two minutes to go.

Left hand by Velasquez. Hard rights as Lara goes for the heel. One minute to go. Velasquez looks for the back and they return to the feet. Lara looking frantic, walking into punches and throwing her own. 10-9 Velasquez.

Final result: Velasquez def. Lara by split decision

A.J. McKee vs. Daniel Crawford

Round 1: McKee tossing out kicks to start. Crawford flurries his way inside, can’t tie up. One minute in. McKee shoots against the fence. And now the DAZN stream is screwing up. Knees from McKee two minutes in. He hauls Crawford into the air and takes him down into guard. Crawford with an overhook. Looks for a leg, McKee spins out and grabs the front headlock. Two minutes to go.

McKee setting up an anaconda choke. He rolls for it and there’s the tap.

Final result: McKee def. Crawford by submission (anaconda choke)

Robson Gracie Jr. vs. Brysen Bolahao

Round 1: Gracie opens with low kicks, lands a jab up top. One minute in. He flurries and shoots, taking Bolahao down against the fence. Bolahao gets to his feet right away. Two minutes in. Gracie still looking for the takedown. Both landing short blows. Knees to the thigh from Gracie. Two minutes to go.

Ref separates them. Hard lead hook lands for Gracie. Bolahao counters a leg kick with a straight right. One minute to go. Gracie low kick. He shoots, stuffed, pulls guard. Bolahao waves him up. Gracie hits a takedown at the bell. 10-9 Gracie.

Round 2: Gracie goes back to the leg kick. Lead right, leg kick. Bolahao clips him with a left hook on the way in, elects not to follow him into guard. One minute in. Whiffs on a 1-2. Two minutes in. Gracie goes for a single-leg, eats Browne-style elbows. Gracie takes him down anyway, lands left hands until Bolahao gives up his back. One hook in. Now both with two minutes to go.

Gracie patiently sets up the choke and puts on a palm-to-palm squeeze, drawing the tap despite not being fully under the chin.

Final result: Gracie def. Bolahao by submission (rear naked choke)

Tywan Claxton vs. Kaeo Meyer

Round 1: Meyer steps into the clinch, gets taken down into guard via inside trip. Meyer tries to kick Claxton off, can’t make space. One minute in. Half guard for Claxton. Short elbows landing. Meyer tries to stand, gets taken back down via cradle. Knee to the body by Claxton two minutes in. More elbows. Now posturing up for bigger punches. Meyer covers up under hammerfists and there’s the finish.

Final result: Claxton def. Meyer by TKO (punches)

Brandon Pieper vs. Chris Avila

Round 1: Avila opens with leg kicks. Tight left from Pieper. Left hook upstairs. Hard right uppercut counters a looping right from Avila. One minute in. Avila shoots, stuffed. 1-2 lands for him. Check hook. Two minutes in. Avila ducks a hook for a takedown into half guard. Denies an attempt to stand on the cage. One hook in as Pieper stands. Loses it, still holding on to the rear waist lock. Two minutes to go.

He pulls Pieper down into back control, immediately putting in both hooks and locking up the choke. There’s the tap.

Final result: Avila def. Pieper by submission (rear naked choke)

Toby Misech vs. Edward Thommes

Round 1: Misech looking to throw early. Thommes takes him to the fence. They separate. Misech blasts him with a straight left, gets tied up again. One minute in. Thommes changes levels, can’t get it. Misech lands a point-blank elbow. That opened Thommes up. Two minutes in. Another short elbow, then more. Thommes disengages, shoots in again. Misech denies it and lands knees. Two minutes to go.

Misech separates and opens up with combinations. Thommes looking badly outgunned. He ducks a left hand for a clinch. Misech with a knee and elbows. Separation with a minute to go. Misech tags him, sprawls and drills Thommes with a left before letting him up. They pause to look at Thommes’ cut. Thommes shoots right away when they return to action. 10-8 Misech.

Round 2: Low kick and faked shot by Thommes. Body kick. They trade in the center. Thommes puts him on the fence once again. They separate, then right back to the fence. One minute in. Short elbows from Misech. Thommes lands one on the break. Misech counters a takedown with a heavy left uppercut. Two minutes in. 1-2 by Misech, body shots. Thommes looks for knees, getting whacked in the clinch. Check hook by Misech. Thommes gets the clinch again. Two minutes to go.

Misech reverses. Thommes reverses in turn, eating an elbow as he does. Misech separates, nearly ducks into a knee and lands a 3-2. Back to the clinch. Separation, clinch again. One minute to go. Separation, clinch again. Elbows from Misech, right hook on the break. Thommes shoots in again. They separate and Misech cracks him with a knee. Big left hand dings Thommes and Misech looks for a guillotine. 10-9 Misech.

Round 3: Thommes ties up immediately. Misech reverses. They separate and Misech lands an elbow as Thommes shoots again. One minute in. THommas lands an elbow, eats a right hook, shoots again a minute in. He unsuccessfully pulls guard. Misech lands a flying knee and a left cross. Thommes leg kick. Hard punches from Misech. Two minutes in. Misech tries a spinning back kick on the break, lands a left cross. Huge knee to the head and Thommes either falls or pulls guard. Either way, the ref intervenes after a couple of punches.

Final result: Misech def. Thommes by TKO (knee and punches)

Paul Lopes vs. Nick Badis

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Final result:

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